Jeff Samardzija Wants To Stay With Cubs

Jeff Samardzija doesn’t have Twitter and he doesn’t check MLBTradeRumors, but he knows his name has been thrown all over the web in trade rumors, writes Patrick Mooney of  The soon-to-be 29-year-old pitcher hears the questions all the time, but he's not so sure that he's on his way out of Chicago.

This is strictly just a feel, (but) I don’t think it’s as dire as what it’s all being made out to be,” Samardzija told Mooney in a sit-down interview. “I understand things need to be written and stories need to be put on paper. But I think if you look at the whole picture, it’s been pretty mild with everything that’s going on. They’re listening and that’s what any team would do on any player. I just feel like there’s still that common ground of what we both want to do.

For his part, Samardzija says that he wants to stay with the Cubs.  While some might be discouraged by the team's recent struggles, he says he wants to help build a winner in Chicago and look back on the leaner years and smile. 

Samardzija is aware that there are non-baseball factors that can play into his future with the Cubs, but he says he's not actively thinking about that.  The Cubs are pushing to renovate Wrigley Field in order to increase their revenue, but they can't get underway just yet over fear of litigation from the rooftop owners from outside the park.  

As for the contract negotiations with the club, Samardzija feels as though everything has been cordial and professional, even if there's a noticeable gap that needs to be bridged.  The right-hander would argue that his 214 strikeouts across 213.2 innings in 2013 is just the beginning of what he can do.  The Cubs, meanwhile, would point out that even though he's still on the right side of 30, there's extra mileage on his arm thanks to his Notre Dame football background.  Theo Epstein also has a policy of not giving out no-trade clauses, which could also affect talks.

Multiple industry sources believe the Cubs will let the free agent market play out and see what happens with the top pitchers, including Masahiro Tanaka, before pulling the trigger on any Samardzija deal.  In the interim, Samardzija has been working out at the new Cubs complex in Mesa, Arizona.

[I'm there] every day, man,” Samardzija said. “I figure if they need to get a hold of me for something, that’s the best place to be. I can still get in the doors – as of now – and I still get the free coffee. So everything’s all right.

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  1. Eric 2 years ago

    “there’s extra mileage on his arm thanks to his Notre Dame football background”

    I have never heard this mentioned. It is always the exact opposite.

    • Yeah, those 2 lifetime pass attempts really took a toll, being a wide receiver.

      • Mil8Ball 2 years ago

        But I assume he practiced…where you throw the ball much much more. Only 2 career pass attempts doesn’t matter in the big picture.

        • oleosmirf 2 years ago

          so then we have to factor in the side sessions he would have thrown to get ready for the baseball season instead of catching passes and the occasion football toss?

    • Jon Schulz 2 years ago

      The actual article says he has less mileage due to his football background

    • Mil8Ball 2 years ago

      Having a football background is good if anything. You are using some different muscles throwing a football vs. a baseball. Also you are throwing a different way so you aren’t really doing any negative to throwing a baseball.

      If anything it was good as cross training and doing multiple sports lessens your chance of injury. As you are using more muscles in your arm and working out the same muscles in different ways/motions.

      It was so long ago any serious effect would have been over working when he did both…at this point it definitely is not a big enough concern to bring up in contract talks.

  2. JCurrie39 2 years ago

    I wanted to thank you for all the good posts you guys make year round, even on Christmas. Merry Christmas MLB Trade Rumors Team!

    • thomas plant 2 years ago

      I agree guys! Log off today since it’s Christmas. I know not everybody celebrates the holiday, but MLB executives and players are with their families, so take a break yourselves from posting today! Those nickels and dimes in ad clicks will be there tomorrow.

      • Tanaka just got posted I imagine every bathroom break the execs take today will involve figuring out how to sign him.

        • dc21892 2 years ago

          Nope, they’re discussing it with their families as well.

    • Mil8Ball 2 years ago

      I can’t go a day without MLBTR…that’s the day I die.

  3. Allismileo 2 years ago

    “All Samardzija wants for Christmas is to stay with the Cubbies”

  4. bill leff 2 years ago

    Another disagreement here too. I have never heard anyone mention that there would be extra mileage on his arm because of his football career. Actually, I hear all the time in the media, Chicago & otherwise that there is less mileage on his arm because he was focused on football at Notre Dame & his pitching was secondary. He was a wide receiver.

    • Chiburgh 2 years ago

      “The two sides have different interpretations of market value for an Opening Day starter who will turn 29 next month – but has less mileage on his right arm because of his Notre Dame football background.”

      The difference of opinion is Jeff’s market value because he does have less mileage on his arm.

  5. Mikel Grady 2 years ago

    If he wants to stay why has he refused to talk to cubs when they try to sit down and talk long term contract?

    • TheoHoyer 2 years ago

      He hasn’t refused. He just wants to be paid a lot more than the front office is willing to offer. Of course he is going to say he wants to stay, it would hamstring the Cubs if he said he wanted to be traded. The dude just wants to get paid.

      • GaryLeeT 2 years ago

        His goals are not one dimensional, and I think he wants to win as much as get paid.

  6. yankees0242 2 years ago

    I’ve only seen Samardzija pitch a few times, but I feel like he is more of a thrower than a pitcher. I wouldn’t give him too many years.

  7. NickinIthaca 2 years ago

    What’s the point in leaving the team if you get free coffee?

  8. If the Cubs land Tanaka, I look for them to be more aggressive in re-signing Shark. Maybe 5/75 would be enough, and the Cubs would have a very good 1-2, provided Tanaka pans out.

    • Neil Tatro 2 years ago

      hes not getting 5/75 for the simple fact hes only gonna make 13 million over the next 2 years combined through arb. That would be paying him 62 million over the following 3 years. Not happening.

      • He’s already supposedly been offered an extension of more than 5/55 by the Cubs, and Steve Adams of this site guessed that Danks’ 5/65 MM extension is “the floor.” No way Shark doesn’t feel like he’s worth more than Danks. 5/75 is up a tick from that, especially for a Cubs team that isn’t as broke as some think.
        And the Cubs would be buying out his arbitration years, so the Cubs would be paying him 30 MM for 14-15, and not the projected 13 MM through arbitration, then 62 MM for 16-18 that you stated. Still, an “overpay” of 17 MM for his arbitration years isn’t bad. Cubs also know if he ascends, he’ll want much more than the 45 MM he’d get in 16-18 by re’ing for 5/75 now. Could easily want 5/100 through free agency as a 30 y/o with more solid seasons under his belt.

  9. Paclypse71 2 years ago

    He’ll stay with the Cubs as long as they overvalue him as much as they do. Jason Heyward or Justin Upton to start talking?

    • Neil Tatro 2 years ago

      Samardzija at 2/13 is much more valuable than Upton at 2/30. Think outside the box buddy..

  10. Marinersforever71 2 years ago

    If the Cubs signs Tanaka, Samardzja would be a great trade candidate as the Phillies can acquire him along w/ Patrick Kivelhan in a three team trade w/ the Mariners. Cubs can get Tyler Pike, Justin Smoak, James Paxton, and Gabriel Guerrero.
    Finally, Mariners can receive Cliff Lee, Dominic Brown, Jonathan Papelbon, and some cash (from the Cubs). That would be a great three team trade for teams trying to fill some spots.

    • Ross Stange 2 years ago

      Why would the Cubs want Justin Smoak. They already have a !B, Anthony Rizzo. Locked him up for many years. Sorry Phillies or Mariners fan, Cubs pass.

      • Marinersforever71 2 years ago

        Instead of Smoak, John Hicks would be a better option as he can replace Wellington Castillo or other catchers that may be free agents in couple years as Hicks has a good trade value.

    • Ross Stange 2 years ago

      Why would the Cubs want Justin Smoak. They already have a !B, Anthony Rizzo. Locked him up for many years. Sorry Phillies or Mariners fan, Cubs pass.

    • Rizzo44 2 years ago

      If the cubs get tanaka he’ll be traded half way through not because of a horrible contract but because he would threaten to go back to Japan if they don’t do something to try to win . Like fire rickettes as owner . He’s worse than Jim Hendry.

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