Latest On Orioles’ Closer Situation

Here's the latest on the Orioles' pursuit of a closer courtesy of a series of tweets from's Roch Kubatko. The Orioles are upset at the idea that they "backed out" of their agreement with Grant Balfour, as they don't have another closer in waiting. They heeded their doctors' recommendations after Balfour's physical, and now would not be comfortable signing him for more than a year plus an option.

With a deal with Balfour now unlikely, the Orioles could pursue Fernando Rodney, or just give their closer's job to one of their current pitchers. Free agent Chris Perez does not seem to be a possibility. The Orioles have discussed the possibility of a Jonathan Papelbon trade with the Phillies, but Papelbon's contract is an obstacle. The Phillies owe Papelbon $13MM in both 2014 and 2015, and he also has a $13MM vesting option for 2016.

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  1. Edictor27 2 years ago

    If the phils ate half of papelbon salary it could happen,but What would the Orioles offer? I’m not familiar with the Orioles farm system

    • Jake Cornwell 2 years ago

      Not much to offer. Papelbon isn’t worth a top prospect like Gausman or Bundy and the O’s don’t have too much depth in their farm system. They might have to give up Eduardo Rodriguez or Jonathan Schoop

      • Edictor27 2 years ago

        of course papelbon won’t net the phils a top prospect. I wouldn’t mind schoop, looks like he’s going to be a good player. I think if amaro uttered the words guasman or bundy duquette would have hung up on him

        • snowbladerp14 2 years ago

          I imagine that the Os Imagine schoop being their second baseman after the all-star break i dont think they would be interested in trading him i wouldnt really even be looking at the Os top 10 prospects. It would purely be a salary dump if the phillies traded the Os papelbon

      • Phillies_Aces35 2 years ago

        I’d love to deal with the O’s… Joe Jordan should have a good view of their farm in finding undervalued guys.

        Maybe include Domonic Brown and slightly less cash and the Phillies could get a Gausman type.

        • OhthePossibilities 2 years ago

          Oh Joe Jordan loves him some Matt Hobgood.

    • Damon Bowman 2 years ago

      This would have nothing to do with what the O’s could offer up. The Phillies want to be rid of Papelbon’s attitude and hefty contract. This could be the proverbial bag of balls trade depending on how much Baltimore is willing to eat.

  2. kungfucampby 2 years ago

    Perhaps they should look for a closer in South Korea?

  3. Jimr 2 years ago

    Papelbon is washed up. He would get shelled in the AL East. Sign Balfour to a one year deal with an option.

    • Jake Cornwell 2 years ago

      I would like to this happen but based off of what I’ve heard Balfour is very upset with the Orioles and Duquette so i feel like it’s highly unlikely

  4. Orsulakfan 2 years ago

    Fair enough, but I just feel that given their history (Aaron Sele a few years ago) it’s hard to give them the benefit of the doubt. And I am sure that pitchers around the league feel this way. O Orioles… sigh…

    • Jake Cornwell 2 years ago

      Yeah not to mention several doctors have said that Balfour is 100% healthy and his MRIs are the same as 3 years ago

      • OhthePossibilities 2 years ago

        Those are doctors that worked on him. Of course they’re gonna say he’s 100%. It reflects better on their work.

        If the Rays sign him to the same deal he would of had with the O’s will be the only possible proof that the Rays’ doctor is willing to put his team’s money where his mouth is.

        • Jake Cornwell 2 years ago

          Very true I didn’t think of that.

        • not_brooks 2 years ago

          It wouldn’t reflect poorly on a doctor if a 36-year-old’s arm was starting to wear down.

          • OhthePossibilities 2 years ago

            No, but if he’s at 100%, it sure as heck looks like you did a hell of a job.

  5. jmcbosox 2 years ago

    One kinda has to think this is just posturing by the O’s. After the sox discovered Napolis AVN they were able to negotiate an absolute steal of a one year deal. Maybe the O’s are looking to do the same by conjuring up some issues? Highly unethical but it could happen…

    • Jake Cornwell 2 years ago

      I don’t think Balfour wants anything to do with the Orioles after this

    • LocustFarm 2 years ago

      Doubtful. Shoulder issues on a pitcher throws up red flags immediately for any team. It’s a bit different than the Napoli situation.

  6. Ley_Z 2 years ago

    Jeez just let hunter close and spend the money somewhere else

    • T.J. McFarland's Mustache 2 years ago

      Tommy go BOOM

    • OhthePossibilities 2 years ago

      Just don’t have a “closer” and put the player out there that best fits the situation according to the opposing batters likely to make a plate appearance.

  7. Chris Smith 2 years ago

    Papelbon , Brown, Kendrick
    Gaussman, Urretia

    • T.J. McFarland's Mustache 2 years ago

      As someone very familiar with the Orioles, I can say right now that Gausman isn’t going anywhere under any circumstance right now.

      • Chris Smith 2 years ago

        Ok what “young pitcher” can be had in a brown/papelbon deal ?
        I want Matuz and Hunter Harvey.

        • Jake Cornwell 2 years ago

          I don’t think Harvey is going anywhere either. I could see Rodriguez being included in a trade for Papelbon

        • OhthePossibilities 2 years ago

          Hunter Harvey can’t be dealt yet. In a few months he can be included as a PTBNL.

        • T.J. McFarland's Mustache 2 years ago

          Eduardo Rodriguez can probably be included, but any deal for Paps won’t include Brown–it will include money coming to the Orioles WITH Paps, not a big, bad contract.

  8. Lefty_Orioles_Fan
    Lefty_Orioles_Fan 2 years ago

    I think the Orioles Doctor is none other than Dr. Nick from the Simpsons!
    As for this: The Orioles are upset at the idea that they “backed out”
    Oh, the Orioles are upset…yeah and the fans are “Happy” as ever! =(((

  9. Seamaholic 2 years ago

    Am I the only one that thinks the Rays’ doctor’s behavior here in publicly embarrassing the O’s and their doctors kind of stinks? Especially when the team is interested in signing the guy at a discount? That’s a bit bush league to me.

    • Jake Cornwell 2 years ago

      I completely agree. It’s also the same doctor that gave the on-field diagnosis of Machado saying he tore his ACL.

      • Seamaholic 2 years ago

        On the other hand, he’s evidently a great doctor. The Rays never get hurt, at least not their pitchers.

        • mstrchef13 2 years ago

          Rays pitchers never get hurt. Price never gets hurt, even though he spent a month and a half on the DL. Moore never gets hurt, although he missed the month of August on the DL. Jeff Niemann never gets hurt, although I seem to recall he missed the entire 2013 after shoulder surgery.

    • Orsulakfan 2 years ago

      I had the same thought. This is the same guy who had beef with Showalter last year when the doc diagnosed Machado with a torn ACL before an MRI was performed. No love lost.

    • Damon Bowman 2 years ago

      I commented on another blog that I can’t remember the time that two doctors from other teams commented like this about another team’s medical staff. Very unprofessional and their teams should be embarrassed.

  10. PittsburghPirates0022 2 years ago

    Balfour should go to Tampa so he can beat the Orioles.

  11. T.J. McFarland's Mustache 2 years ago

    Especially for Papelbon! LOL

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