Orioles To Sign Alfredo Aceves

THURSDAY, 10:07am: Aceves gets a $35K signing bonus with his deal, tweets Joel Sherman of the New York Post. The incentives are tied to appearances and games started, Sherman adds.

The contract also includes two opt-out clauses, Sherman further reports (on Twitter). If he is not on the MLB roster by March 28, he must be released within 48 hours. Likewise, if Aceves is not on the MLB roster as of June 30, he must be released within 72 hours.

WEDNESDAY, 2:47pm: Aceves would make a guaranteed $1.2MM if he makes the Orioles roster, tweets Bob Nightengale of USA Today. His deal also includes incentives that could raise its value to $3MM.

2:19pm: The Orioles have reached agreement with free agent pitcher Alfredo Aceves on a minor league deal with a Spring Training invite, reports MLBTR's Tim Dierkes (via Twitter). Aceves could work from the pen or make a run at a rotation spot, Dierkes adds. The righty is represented by O'Connell Sports Management.

Aceves, 31, will stay in the American League East after spending three seasons apiece with the Yankees and Red Sox. Last year, throwing for Boston, Aceves managed a 4.86 ERA in 37 innings, including six starts and five relief appearances. In 51 innings at Triple-A, mostly as a starter, Aceves notched a 4.06 ERA.

Aceves has had several very productive stretches throughout his career — including a 114-inning, 2.61 ERA campaign in 2011 — but has not yet harnessed his talent consistently. In 2012, his last full season of MLB action, Aceves started out as Boston's closer (he notched 25 saves on the year) but ended the campaign with a 5.36 ERA in 84 innings. Nevertheless, his FIP (4.33) and xFIP (4.36) put a more positive spin on that year, as does his solid 8.0 K/9 against 3.3 BB/9. 

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  1. Kevin Chen 2 years ago

    So much for the mets signing him…..
    This guy isn’t good anyways but I would have love a Setup man for Parnell….
    Guess or Bullpen will look like this….

  2. richardsteeleMD 2 years ago

    He’ll save 50 games for the O’s this year. Just you watch.

    • Michael 2 years ago

      No, he’ll save 3 games, blow 4 saves and then get into an altercation with Showalter. He should be home by Memorial Day.

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan
        Lefty_Orioles_Fan 2 years ago

        Actually, there might be a Lumber Jack Match at Fan Fest.
        Wouldn’t have to worry about Aceves and Showalter having a
        throw down!
        I mean with the off-season the O’s are having.
        Signing reclamation projects.
        Signing players no one has really heard of.
        Raising Ticket Prices
        I mean if only Andre the Giant, Gorilla Monsoon, and Big John Stud were still alive today. Oh how much fun Fan Fest would be today!

    • Daniel Copans 2 years ago

      You’re thinking of the Rays, they’re the ones that transform random journeymen into elite closers.

  3. Orsulakfan 2 years ago

    Delmon Young and Alfredo Aceves signed in consecutive days… I guess the Orioles aren’t too concerned about guys with past character issues. I’m not exactly jumping up and down for these signings…

    • Yeah… odd. It’s almost like the mid-market player thing the Red Sox did last year… except with character-issues hoping to buy low and catch one year of performance and move on… definitely a risk…

    • johnsilver 2 years ago

      Difference is that Aceves has talent where Young doesn’t. I expect Aces to step into a new organization (again) and have a decent season as a swingman, just like he did with Boston for 1 season before his attitude comes forth. Duquette did his usually good bottom feeding nicely here when he needed both a SP, as well as a reliever with this guy, all wrapped into one.

      93-5mph FB, biting slider, he can go 6-7IP, then be ready to go a couple more in relief in 2-3 days.. He’s got a rubber arm and good stuff, just the attitude is impossible to keep in check for long.

      • Rabbitov 2 years ago

        Young has tons of talent just can’t put it together and may never.

  4. Jim Low 2 years ago

    Three days in a row of signing guys with past issues…bit strange. Not a fan of the signing but we shall see

  5. John Cate 2 years ago

    He’s got talent, but he’s one of the biggest PITA’s in baseball. Good luck to the Orioles in keeping him under control.

  6. Victoria Roberts 2 years ago

    He should provide at least one good season before the honeymoon is over.

  7. Dylan Griffin 2 years ago

    Get used to devil jokes with Aceves haha. He has his moments of excellence pitching, but along with that comes complete meltdowns that largely overshadow his good work. He has been in every pitching role with the Red Sox (SP, LR, RP, CP), with his best work as a long reliever back in 2011. He has a weird habit of changing his pitching mechanics and routines often throughout the season. And as mentioned, he has been a clubhouse issue which ultimately lead to his demotion, along with performance results.

  8. Damon Bowman 2 years ago

    As everyone has acknowledged, Aceves is a nut who seems to cause trouble on a regular basis. While I’m not a fan of this signing because of his past, the nice thing about the deal is it’s a minor league deal. If he event hints at being a PITA, Buck will bounce him out of Charm City in a heartbeat. He won’t hold Aceves’ past against him, but he won’t tolerate someone disrupting his clubhouse and since it’s a minor league deal, he doesn’t have to.

  9. Enough with the depth signings already.

    • Bleed_Orange 2 years ago

      In all fairness this is the time of year when all the depth signings happen. The “Big Splash” signing happen at the winter meetings and before Christmas. There are a few good pitchers left but they won’t sign until Tanaka does.

  10. RayHunt0917 2 years ago

    Orioles reclamation project #5923.6

  11. pft2 2 years ago

    Aceves was one of the most valuable players for the Red Sox down the stretch in 2011. One of the only players on that team that did not choke. In 2012, he actually did a good job as closer and although he is a workhorse Bobby V simply overused him and he lost steam, and the rest is history.

    Very versatile guy as well. Its just a question of if the 2012 season did any irreparable damage to his arm and psyche. Good pick up for the Orioles, and a good guy to have in a bench clearing brawl.

  12. Lefty_Orioles_Fan
    Lefty_Orioles_Fan 2 years ago

    The Dodgers extend Kershaw for between 30 to 31 million per year.
    The Orioles re-allocate funds by signing Aceves! I just SMH!

    You know what would be groovy, if the Orioles could find 5 pitchers like Mike Boddicker. He was a good pitcher, helped the O’s win a World Series and was a good guy to boot. I was looking over his salary and the most he ever got paid was like 4 million a year. Imagine if you could sign 5 pitchers of the same quality as Mike Boddicker. I mean heck 5 Boddickers at 4 million per year don’t even add up to one Clayton Kershaw! Yet, I think you would win more World Series with 5 Boddickers than you would with Kershaw leading the staff.

  13. mstrchef13 2 years ago

    Do we hold Aceves being a jerk in 2012 against him or do we chalk it up to Bobby Valentine being his manager? I remember seeing Aceves refusing to give Valentine the baseball and also remember seeing him toss Valentine the ball and walking off the mound before Valentine got there.

    Aah, the Bobby V era in Boston, where he inspired so much confidence and loyalty amongst his players. Wish it could have gone on forever.

    • Damon Bowman 2 years ago

      Didn’t Aceves also have a problem with Farrell back in spring training last year? I vaguely remember something about him throwing full throttle in a drill where pitchers were asked to throw something akin to BP.

      • mstrchef13 2 years ago

        Don’t know about that one, but it’s certainly possible.

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