Padres Sign Xavier Nady

The Padres have signed first baseman/outfielder Xavier Nady to a minor league contract with an invitation to Spring Training, according to's Corey Brock (on Twitter).

Nady, a client of Scott Boras, last appeared in the Majors in 2012, batting .184/.253/.316 in 166 plate appearances between the Nationals and Giants. By signing in San Diego, he returns to the organization that drafted in the second round back in 2000. Nady spent parts of five seasons in the Majors with the Padres and was a semi-regular player in the Majors in the middle of the last decade.

In his best years, from 2005-08, Nady hit .284/.339/.474, averaging 486 plate appearances and 19 home runs per season with the Padres, Pirates, Mets and Yankees. He split last season between the Triple-A affiliates for the Rockies and Royals, posting a robust .296/.360/.456 slash line with 15 homers and 26 doubles.

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  1. PoseyTheGreat 1 year ago

    That’s it. This is the move that gives them the edge.

    • dvmin98 1 year ago

      Its called organizational depth. Every team signs a veteran that will play in AAA

      • PoseyTheGreat 1 year ago

        It’s called sarcasm. I understand. Although, I’m not sure Nady qualifies as organizational depth. Just a no risk move.

        • MikeTroutForMayor 1 year ago

          oooooo this is a fun game. Just like “It’s an even year so the Giants are for sure gonna win the World Series!”

          • PoseyTheGreat 1 year ago

            what’s this fun game you speak of? I called it a no risk move. You are simply displacing your frustration, sir. I also say it’s for sure that Mike Trout will be elected Mayor.

        • blahdu 1 year ago

          Why not? He had an .816 OPS in triple A last year. If a player like Maybin or Quentin went down with a injury, he could quite easily prove to be at least an adequate guy off the bench or possibly even more if he happens to get streaky. Nady has always been a streaky player, more so than most. Smart (and, as you said, no risk) signing by Byrnes & Co. Obviously not the signing that will make or break the Friars season but it was never meant to be.

          • PoseyTheGreat 1 year ago

            I called it a no risk move.

          • blahdu 1 year ago

            FWIW, I was asking why you don’t think he’s worthy of the “organizational depth” title…

          • PoseyTheGreat 1 year ago

            He’s obviously a zero risk in a minor league system. But, I think other than his experience, he’s going to provide little to nothing at the ML level. He last played in 2012 and he hit under .200. That’s clearly a sign that his better days are in the past. Who know’s, maybe he turns things around. I guess that’s why a team is willing to put a former big leaguer in a minor league system in the first place. But, I would expect nothing.

  2. Noah Eli 1 year ago

    Apparently they signed Zach Braddock (Brewers) too.

  3. Welcome to the El Paso Chihuahuas, Nady!

  4. Patrick Morgan 1 year ago

    It’s looking like the Friars want to see which of Medica, Decker, or Nady makes it out of ST to be the late-inning bat off the bench.

    • GreySuit 1 year ago

      Decker is currently a Pirate.

      • iheartyourfart 1 year ago

        the padres still have Cody Decker and are inviting him to ST

  5. RobbyH619 1 year ago

    Just need Brian Lawrence, Oliver Perez, Adam Eaton, Jake Peavy and we will be on our way to the World Series! Make it happen Byrnes.

    • Petcopadre 1 year ago

      At least Oliver Perez. We need a left handed reliever.

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