Free Agent Notes: Zito, Perez, Gaudin, Colvin, Burnett

In case you missed it from Friday,'s Jayson Stark provided an interesting look at the views of 23 MLB executives on the still-concluding off-season. Intervening events already have impacted some of the conclusions (and will continue to do so), but the piece is chock full of interesting observations nonetheless. Among them: whether or not the money was all wisely spent, the voters say that the Yankees are the most improved team in the American League. A comparatively quiet off-season from the National League left the Nationals as the most improved club on that side (largely on the back of the Doug Fister trade), with the Padres a somewhat surprising choice for the second slot. As for least improved, the Orioles and Blue Jays top the list on the AL side, though Baltimore has already made an off-season altering move and Toronto still could. (The Tigers came in third.) The Reds and Pirates pulled up the rear among National League teams. After the Fister deal (an "all-time heist," as Stark summed up the collective viewpoint), voters liked the Rays' trade for Ryan Hanigan and the Athletics' acquisition of Jim Johnson.

Here are notes on some other free agent situations around the game …

  • Last we checked in with lefty Barry Zito, it was to learn that his option was being declined by the Giants. The reason, reports Jon Heyman of, is that Zito has apparently not done anything to pursue a contract. Though he is not necessarily hanging up his spikes for good, says Heyman, the 36-year-old will seemingly not pitch in 2014.
  • Southpaw Oliver Perez is considering offers from four clubs, tweets Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe. A decision is expected in short order.
  • Swingman Chad Gaudin tweeted today that he is in line for surgery and expects to be at 100% in three months. Gaudin, was recently released by the Phillies when he failed his physical, did not disclose details of his malady.
  • Outfielder Tyler Colvin could still end up with the Orioles, tweets Troy Renck of the Denver Post. Baltimore somewhat infamously blew up its contract with the 28-year-old after he failed his physical.
  • A.J. Burnett was mistaken when he said that the Orioles did not express much interest in him, reports Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (via Twitter). In fact, says Rosenthal, Baltimore made multiple offers but Burnett wanted to pitch in the National League.

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  1. Lefty_Orioles_Fan 1 year ago

    It’s ok A.J. you are happier as a Phillie and I am happier!
    Although, it a shame that you couldn’t make the All Day/Night A.J. Burnett Rally at the Double T Diner for a free cup of Coffee! They are home to the ‘Smoothest Cup of Joe’ you will ever have! =P

    • Bleed_Orange 1 year ago

      and a really good bowl of Maryland crab soup

  2. Jerry Lehman 1 year ago

    Saying the Yankees are most improved is just plain wrong. Yes, they added the most players but they also lost the most. They lost Robinson Cano (probably in the top 3-5 players in baseball), Curtison Granderson, Alex Rodriguez (who admittedly they only had for a portion of last year), Mariano Riviera, Andy Petite and a bunch of second tier players like Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain and Boone Logan. Yes, they added Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann, Masahiro Tanaka and Jacoby Ellsbury. But, is the second group really better than the first? Maybe slightly.. but most improved??? Ridiculous! The Yankees are the worst run team in baseball. They have an insane amount of bad contracts and the only reason they are still remotely good is because they spend 1/2 billion dollars every few years to reload.

    • Meh Sheep 1 year ago

      Don’t forget their “luck” in one run games last year.

      • Jean De Leon Perez 1 year ago

        I’m pretty sure he won’t….as the Orioles were even “luckier” in one run games a year before and was the only reason they went to playoffs after 1998, only to be eliminated in the first round…by the Yankees.

        • Bleed_Orange 1 year ago

          Eliminated in the second round by the Yankees. If your gonna take a cheep shot make sure its accurate. Also after 162 game sample size luck does not exist. Those numbers are reflective of how good their pen was that year.

          • Evan Ralston 1 year ago

            Even if 162 games was a large enough sample size to draw a conculusion the Orioles did not play nearly that many one run games that year. You can not apply non-one run games to a sample size about trends in one run games.

          • Evan Ralston 1 year ago

            Even if 162 games was a large enough sample size to draw a conculusion the Orioles did not play nearly that many one run games that year. You can not apply non-one run games to a sample size about trends in one run games.

    • Bob Bunker 1 year ago

      RedSox fan here and I think you have some valid points but disagree and think thatthe Yanks are the most improved team especially on offense. Let’s look at infield first.

      2013 Catchers averaged an OPS+ of 58 and contributed .2 WAR.
      2014 McCann Career OPS+ 117 and averaged 3 WAR in 8 full years.

      2013 1B Overbay 87 OPS+ added .2 WAR
      2014 1B Texeria 2012 OPS+ 115 and added 3.9 WAR

      2013 2B Cano OPS+ 145 and 7.5 WAR
      2014 2B ? Let’s say 1 WAR

      2013 SS Nunez OPS+ 86 and -1.5 WAR
      2014 SS Jeter averaged a 107 OPS+ in 2011-12 and 1.5 WAR

      2013 3B Many combined for OPS+ of 73.
      2014 3B Kelly Johnson OPS+ of 99 in 2013

      Four of the 5 positions contributed nothing and they clearly improve at all of those 4 positions and I think as a whole the infield will be better even without Cano.

      • Jean De Leon Perez 1 year ago

        Don’t you dare bring statistics and common sense. It’s much better to make hypothetically biased calculations and not provide any facts.

    • Bob Bunker 1 year ago

      Outfield and DH

      2013LF VERNON WELLS OPS+ 72 and WAR -.2
      2014 LF Alfonso Sorionio OPS + 112 and 2.4 WAR in 2013

      2013 CF Gardner OPS+ 108 WAR 4.2
      2014 CF Ellsbury OPS+ 114 WAR 5.8

      2013 RF Ichiro 75 OPS+ WAR 1.8
      2014 RF Gardner OPS+ 108 WAR 4.2

      2013DH Hafner OPS+ 85 and WAR -.1

      2014 DH Beltran OPS+ 128 WAR 2.4

      All four positions clearly improve and combined the unit improves a lot.

      • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

        I like how you left out the IF and pitching staff

        • Bob Bunker 1 year ago

          Did infield below…

        • Jean De Leon Perez 1 year ago

          The Infield is below and the Pitching staff only got better.




          Which rotation has the best upside? and which one you rather have?

      • Jerry Lehman 1 year ago

        You make some good points but you are also making the assumption that aging and/or injured players are going to automatically go back to their previous production. You also aren’t considering the changes to their pitching staff. Losing Riviera and Pettite is a huge deal. Adding Tanaka will most likely help but he’s no guarantee. I did say I think they are improved just not nearly the MOST improved team in the AL.

        • Jean De Leon Perez 1 year ago

          What team is the most improved in the AL then? if you’re going to make a point, then go all the way.

          • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

            The Twins, White Sox and Rangers actually improved a lot more. They added a lot of players and didn’t lose anyone. The Yankees gains are offset by the loss of 3 great players in Rivera, Pettite and Cano.

            Rangers may well be the most improved. they added Choo and Fielder while loosing only Kinsler and Cruz. Kinsler will be replaced by Profar so his loss is at least offset somewhat.

        • Bob Bunker 1 year ago

          Rotation Kept CC (prime bounce back candidate), Nova, and Kuroda. Lost Petitte (pretty good) replaced him with Tanaka(should be better) and Hughes (-2 WAR one of the worst pitchers in the game in that park) and replaced him with someone who most likely will be better.

          I will admit the bullpen is shaky and I’m not expecting them to win the World Series but which team do you think has improved more?

    • Vmmercan 1 year ago

      Ah yes, Curtis Granderson, the real hero of the 2013 Yankees. And A-Rod’s two months…Phil Hughes and Joba leading the pitching staff. I’m really curious what Yankees’ version you saw last year? Don’t forget, Jeter and Tex are healthy, and then you can include all the additions, plus Cervelli and the potential for Pineda. Boone Logan and Mariano Rivera are literally the only major loss from that 2013 team you just listed.

      So who then, improved more?

      • stl_cards16 1 year ago

        Robinson Cano wasn’t a major loss?

        • Vmmercan 1 year ago

          Yes, he was. So, lose your closer (with a top three setup man to replace him), lose your 2B and lose your left handed reliever. They have internal options for both bullpen situations) which means offensively they lost Cano. They gained, Tex, Jeter, Ellsbury, Mccann, Cervelli, a full year of Soriano and Beltran. Plus, they have a suitable backup to Jeter and instead of two months of A-Rod, they have a full season of Kelly Johnson.

          They lost Pettitte, but presumably have a full year of Pineda, a good Nova, a healthier Sabathia and Tanaka. Hughes and Chamberlain were addition by subtraction and Granderson was a non-factor last year.

          So, back to my original point, who improved more?

  3. McTigers 1 year ago

    Might be a good fit for the Tigers. Their only BP lefties are Coke and Krol, neither of who has much of a track record. It’s a gaping hole in a contending team, and one that has historically had a good relationship with Boras.

    • Tigers72 1 year ago

      Great idea but they also have Crosby. That would hopefully eliminate coke from the equation.

      • McTigers 1 year ago

        Maybe, but Crosby, despite his upside, has as many questions as the other two. He doesn’t have much more mlb experience than Krol. Would be nice for Ausmus to have a reliable veteran lefty in his BP his first season…

      • McTigers 1 year ago

        Maybe, but Crosby, despite his upside, has as many questions as the other two. He doesn’t have much more mlb experience than Krol. Would be nice for Ausmus to have a reliable veteran lefty in his BP his first season…

  4. slashieboy . 1 year ago

    Burnett was smart to stay in the national league.

  5. jjs91 1 year ago

    Righties had a .786 vs perez last season. I’d still want him over thronton but coming back to NY is probably not his first choice.

  6. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

    Barry Zito is probably happy to be out of the news after hearing he was one of the worst signing for the last 7 years.

  7. Jean De Leon Perez 1 year ago

    You get that players like Overbay, Wells, Francisco, Nix, Overbay, Nunez, Chris Stewart, Ichiro were everday players last year? don’t count Jeter or Teixeira as they barely played.

    • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

      You get that Kelly Johnson and Bryan Roberts are being counted on as everyday players in 2014 right? Not only are the sub-par players but Brendan Ryan is their backup plan.

      • Jean De Leon Perez 1 year ago

        You get that Kelly Johnson and Brian Roberts are an improvement over Jayson Nix and Eduardo Nunez right?

  8. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

    The loss of Pettite and Rivera can’t be offset by the acquisition of Tanaka alone. Pineda was on the team last year, its nothing more than speculation to say he will pitch a full season in 2014.

    • Jean De Leon Perez 1 year ago

      Pineda was not on the team last year, He was rehabilitating.

      25 year old ace potential Tanaka or 40 year old pettite.

      Pineda/Phelps/Warren >>> Hughes.

  9. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

    Who did NYY add to replace Hughes? are you counting Pineda as a new acquisition?

    • Bob Bunker 1 year ago

      Pineda, Phelps, Warren, Nuno, Banuelos, anyone can probally improve on Hughes performance from last year.

      • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

        All none players were Yankees last year too….

        • Bob Bunker 1 year ago

          Just because a player (Pineda or Banuelos) was injured and didn’t play in 2013 doesn’t mean he can’t contribute in 2014. Warren had a ERA+ of 120 and even if stretching him out makes that drop to 100 that is still a massive improvement over Hughes. You don’t need to replace every departing player with a FA signing especially when the player was as bad as Hughes.

  10. Bob Bunker 1 year ago

    Please what did the Twins add? Hughes and Nolasco both very questionable players… And I don’t count adding 5 wins to a last place team a massive improvement anyways.

    • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

      The Twins added Hughes, Nolasco, Pelfry, Suzuki and Kubel while not loosing anyone. That’s the big difference they added and did so without subtracting from the team. NYY subtracted 3 all-stars caliber players.

      • Jean De Leon Perez 1 year ago

        Ok you just lost all your credentials when you mentioned Hughes, Pelfry, Suzuki and Kubel.

      • Bob Bunker 1 year ago

        Pelfry on the Twins last year and had a ERA+ of 78
        Hughes last three years ERA+ 74, 100, and 78.
        Nolasco last five years ERA +85, 92, 84, 91, 101. And that’s in the NL

        Kubel was a minor leauge FA for a reason!
        Suzuki and his 2013 OPS+ of 73 in Ryan Doumit and his OPS+ OF 96 out.

        Not much improvement there…

  11. Jean De Leon Perez 1 year ago

    Seriously, Hughes leaves the Yankees and all of the sudden he’s a good pitcher…unreal the logic of Yankees haters

    • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

      His home road splits suggest that will make a big difference.

  12. sflomenb 1 year ago

    I think Texas is the most improved team

  13. rich 1 year ago

    Anybody who thinks the Yankee spending spree is going to end well needs to head out to Vegas because most of the sports books have them at 83 wins on the over/under for the season.

  14. KnowledgeDivine 1 year ago

    Yanks should have made an offer to Perez .. Bad scouting.

  15. Travis Hafner was a full time player last year?

    I’d agree that the Yankees are improved, but your overall argument has quite a lot of cherry picking.

  16. Meh Sheep 1 year ago

    Brendan Ryan (.197) #1 on depth chart at 2b and Kelly Johnson (.235) at 3B what huge upgrades those are. You can surely count on no injuries from a core of aging and/or often injured players for 2014 including Jeter, Texiera, Ellsbury, Beltran. So there you go 6 out of 9 starting position players are huge question marks. And who is replacing Robertson in the setup role? They also have to improve by 7 wins to account for their (LUCK) expected W/L of 78-84 last year just to get back to 85 wins.

  17. stl_cards16 1 year ago

    While defending all the Yankees moves, was it possible to accuse the Rockies of overpaying Boone Logan with a straight face?

  18. Jerry Lehman 1 year ago

    You’ve made my point exactly. They have replaced players with equal players. How does that make them the MOST improved team in the AL? Also, I did NOT say they spend 1/2 billion every year. Read my post. I said they reload by spending 1/2 billion every few years. And, that’s the only reason they are still competitive. That is a fact. They DID spend (or commit, to be more accurate) 1/2 billion dollars. And, that is the only reason they are competitive. But, I still think they are about an 87 win team (a couple more than last year) but not drastically improved.

  19. rct 1 year ago

    Not that it’s much of an improvement over Ryan (might even be a subtraction when you consider Ryan’s defense), but I believe I read yesterday that Girardi is counting on Brian Roberts to be his starting 2B. Although, by the time they break camp, Roberts could easily be on the DL.

  20. Bleed_Orange 1 year ago

    Also the three of their major four signings are injury prone guys: Beltran, Elsbury, and McCann. Add that with Jeter missing an entire season, and Texiera’s wrist injury there are still quite a few question marks on that team.

  21. Jean De Leon Perez 1 year ago

    Cashman already said that Roberts will be the everyday 2B. With Kelly Johnson covering him. Nunez at 3rd if Roberts goes down. How is Jacoby Ellsbury, Beltran, huge question marks? please.

  22. Bleed_Orange 1 year ago

    He’s not far off. Though I do think that Cashman is a smart GM and Gerrardi is a really good manager.

  23. Jean De Leon Perez 1 year ago

    Keep telling yourself that. Your only way to beating them is to hoping they get injured? you better worry about Machado healing well. Chris Davis not crashing back to Earth. Wieters being a mediocre hitting catcher. Markakis not being injury prone, and surviving in the AL East with that mediocre rotation and bullpen.

  24. Jean De Leon Perez 1 year ago

    The DH spot was taken by the likes of Hafner and Wells and some other replacement players.

    Don’t forget Overbay was the primary 1st baseman for pretty much the whole season. Most of you guys don’t realize how horrible this team’s hitting was last year and how many bad break they had.

    Only ONE player and that is Gardner will be part of the opening day compared to last year. You can throw last year’s record out the window.

  25. Bleed_Orange 1 year ago

    The difference between the players mentioned is age. Younger players recover from injury more successfully and quicker than older players. Beltrans knees are shot, Ells has spent significant time on the DL almost every year of his career also his major weapon is speed which is the first thing to go with age and injury, and McCann spent time on the DL the last few seasons and plays physically the most demanding position in baseball. Texiera’s wrist injury is to hitters as a shoulder injury is to pitchers. All of these things add up to be huge question marks. Have the O’s suffered some injury… sure… but not from guys over 30. (Davis and Weiter’s comments are just cheep shots with nothing really to back them up so I’ll make something up to… CC will be bad next year because he lost weight)

  26. Meh Sheep 1 year ago

    Ellsbury played 74 games in 2012 and 18 in 2010 so no injury risk there. Seems like he spends even years on the DL. 2014 is even. Beltran has an entire career of injury problems see DL time in 2000, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013. But Beltran is 36 now and there is much less injury risk as you get older. Cashman doesn’t make out the lineup and the Yankees website has Roberts listed #2 and it isn’t like Roberts has an injury history. Not to mention his defensive and offensive numbers were league average or worse.

  27. Jean De Leon Perez 1 year ago

    Beltran’s Knees were not shot with the Cardinals right? he also passed his physical…so that’s a plus. Ells doesn’t have any chronic injuries, all of this injuries were based on reckless plays. McCann has still hit more than 20 homeruns for 6 straight seasons…so the injuries must have not been too bad.. Whatever Teixeira gives us from first base will be much better than anything Overbay could have given us. This is Jeter’s last year and next year his money will be free to spend on a younger replacement. The O’s rotation is mediocre, and their bullpen is in a bad shape with an unproven closer. This is a fact.

  28. Jean De Leon Perez 1 year ago

    Do you how Ellsbury got injured? I’m bet you don’t. They were unlucky injuries. Not hammies or chronic injuries anywhere. Beltran had those same questions with the Cardinals and he proved he could play every day in RF…in this case he will be taking days off on the DH to keep him fresh, with Soriano playing RF. Sure you can look at the weak 2nd base position, but you also have to look at the weak second base position from your team…which they don’t even have a reliable 2nd baseman.

  29. Meh Sheep 1 year ago

    Arods money goes back on the books next year.

  30. Bleed_Orange 1 year ago

    O’s pen is fine. Lost one piece in Jim Johnson who blew a ton of saves last year. He has been replaced with Webb and Yoon. And closer is the most overrated position in baseball so I don’t put much weight into that. Starting pitching wise I’ll agree the O’s have a very shaky rotation… but the same can be said for the Yankees… Yankees lost their closer and their rotation is mediocre. This is a fact.

  31. Jean De Leon Perez 1 year ago

    The Yankees lost their closer and still have a much better closer than the O’s. In fact, they have the best set up man in baseball in the last couple of years replacing Mo. If anyone can run away with it, it’s Robertson. If the closer spot is so overrated, why you pointing out how Jim Johnson blew a ton of saves? The fact is that it’s pretty easy to point out the other’s team issues and not look at your own.

  32. Meh Sheep 1 year ago

    Yes the 3 recent times in his career where he got injured (2010, 2012, 2013) all happened due to collisions. Maybe he has bad eye sight since he keeps running into people.

  33. Jean De Leon Perez 1 year ago

    No problem.

    Jeter, Kuroda, Soriano, Gardner, Ichiro will be off the books while we improve at 3rd base.

  34. Bleed_Orange 1 year ago

    I think I pointed out plenty of my teams issues in my posts… and blown saves is a statistic that leads to loses which means that JJ lost X amount of games for the O’s last year, as a reliever I do not see that as much of a loss. That has nothing to do with my closer argument where I do believe that any good reliever can be given that title and it not mean much.

  35. Meh Sheep 1 year ago

    And lose the starting SS, DH, LF and top starter from last year in the process if all of those people come off the books.

  36. Jean De Leon Perez 1 year ago

    It’s hilarious how you guys think that downvoting makes your argument more legitimate. The truth is that you guys feel a little insecure about the Yankees recent move, and are hoping that injuries are the catalyst of our fall…That’s pretty low. The fact is that the Yankees are in a better position than the O’s. JJ Hardy and Chris Davis are goner.

  37. Jean De Leon Perez 1 year ago

    What what? Ellsbury is the starting CF. Losing a DH is not a big deal, could be replaced.

    The starting SS will be replaced in the Free Agency and most likely will be better than what Jeter could give us at 40 years old.

  38. Meh Sheep 1 year ago

    Too slow already corrected the typo.

  39. Jean De Leon Perez 1 year ago

    $16.5 million, three-year deal for a LOOGY or are you saying it because we overpaid players? it still doesn’t change the fact that the Rockies also did.

  40. Jerry Lehman 1 year ago

    The Orioles will most likely sign Chris Davis and/or JJ Hardy to an extension. And, they have very little money tied up in bad long-term contracts (like A-Rod, Texiera, most likely Ellsbury, possibly Tanaka). They also have some of the best young players in the game: Adam Jones, Manny Machado, Chris Tillman with 4 top pitching prospects in the minors (Kevin Gausman, Dylan Bundy, Eduardo Rodriguez and Hunter Harvey). And, the Yankees have…. aging, overpaid, free agents?? Yeah, they are in a much better position than the O’s.

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