NL East Links: Marlins, Perez, Peterson, Braves

Spoiler alert!  Marlins president David Samson took on a very different role as a cast member in the current season of Survivor, but in tonight's premiere episode, Samson was the very first person voted out of the game by his tribemates.  Another notable baseball personality, Jeff Kent, fared much better when he appeared on the long-running reality show in 2012, finishing 10th out of 18 contestants.

Here's the latest from around the division….

  • Michael Hill, former Marlins GM and the club's newly-promoted president of baseball operations, speaks to's Joe Frisaro about his philosophy in building a franchise, some of Miami's offseason moves and the development of creating a "Marlins Way" of aggressiveness throughout the organization.
  • As of a week ago, the Nationals still had interest in free agent reliever Oliver Perez, a source tells's Bill Ladson.  Perez was reportedly choosing between four offers, and while Washington was linked to Perez earlier this month, it's unknown if the Nats were one of the clubs who offered the veteran southpaw a contract.  Another source tells Ladson that the Nationals could pursue Perez as left-handed bullpen depth if Ross Detwiler keeps his spot in the starting rotation.
  • Brock Peterson's 11-year odyssey in the minor leagues finally ended when he appeared in 23 games with the Cardinals last season.  Peterson talks to's Andrew Simon about his long career and his latest opportunity, as he chose to sign a minor league deal with the Nationals in the offseason.
  • Mike Minor seems likely to be the next Braves player to receive a multiyear extension, David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution predicts.  O'Brien also thinks that while Kris Medlen is a bit older (28) than the other youngsters being locked up by the club, Medlen's performance is deserving of a long-term commitment from the team.  Minor, 26, has three arbitration years remaining as a Super Two player and is eligible for free agency after the 2017 season.  A Medlen extension would be more expensive for Atlanta, as Medlen is only under team control through the 2015 campaign.

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  1. Ruben_Tomorrow 1 year ago

    David Samson being the first voted off Survivor. How so “Marlins-esque” of him.

    • JCurrie39 1 year ago

      I was laughing so hard when he said the someone wasn’t going anywhere. I just thought… That’s what they said about Reyes.

  2. Pennsy 1 year ago

    I’ve been hoping for Perez to the Nationals since the offseason began, if they don’t get him after all this time I’m going to be heartbroken.

  3. MJ 1 year ago

    Don’t see Medlen getting extended

    • erm016 1 year ago

      I don’t either, and I’m fine w/ that. I’d prefer him to be trade bait if he has a good start to 2014.

      • Me 1 year ago

        There’s like a 5% chance of that happening and thinking it can is just silly. If we knew Beachy could go for 200+ IP, there would be a better chance it happens but we don’t.

        • LayerCake 1 year ago

          It’s like you ignore Alex Wood and Floyd it’s not all riding on Beachy

          • Me 1 year ago

            You’re crazy if you think Wood is going to be in the rotation all season and the acquisition of Floyd means nothing in the way of trade possibilities. It’s just something that the Braves like to do, accumulate too much depth at SP.

        • erm016 1 year ago

          I’m allowed to think it if I want. Medlen is good, but he’s not the answer for any question, and given the extension that Homer Bailey signed, no way in hell should we give him that much money.
          So, trade him while you can. It’s business.

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