Quick Hits: Trout, Davis, Garcia, White Sox, Hanrahan

Let's take a look at updates on some situations shaping up around the league:

  • Mike Trout's one-year, $1MM contract with the Angels is surely just the start of some historic earnings, and ESPN.com's Jim Bowden breaks down what it would cost the Halos to lock up their young star for different possible terms. Bowden values Trout's arbitration years at a total of $66MM, and says that he should earn between $32MM and $35MM for his free agent years. A six-year deal, then, would be worth $162MM, while a ten-year extension would land at $302MM. Bowden says the Angels want to get as many years as possible, and adds that, were he in charge, he would demand at least four free agent seasons.
  • The Mets have no active trade dialogue concerning first baseman Ike Davis, tweets Adam Rubin of ESPN.com. Nevertheless, Rubin says he expects the chatter to pick up over the coming month.
  • Cardinals starter Jaime Garcia has had his MRI reviewed by the team physician and Dr. James Andrews, and neither found evidence of structural damage, reports MLB.com's Jenifer Langosch. While that has the team feeling better about things, GM John Mozeliak still advocated caution. "I think the days of feeling perfect are over," he said. 
  • Though he downplayed an earlier report that the White Sox had scouted Yankees catchers recently, Chicago GM Rick Hahn said that the team was still exploring trade possibilities with other clubs, reports Dan Hayes of CSNChicago.com. Hahn also noted that the club has ample middle-infield depth, which led to Jake Elmore being designated for assignment today. The GM added that the team hopes to be able to trade Elmore, Hayes adds on Twitter.
  • Rehabbing reliever Joel Hanrahan told Bowden on XM MLB Network Radio (Twitter link) that he hopes to sign with a new club before the spring wraps up. Hanrahan said that he is still considering any and all interested suitors.
  • Union chief Tony Clark said today that the MLBPA is still in the early stages of learning information about the Phillies' role in the recent suspension of former draftee Ben Wetzler, reports CSNPhilly.com's Jim Salisbury"The interest is the same we would have in the draft in general," Clark said. "These guys are connected to our institution. … To that extent, we are gathering information as we speak. Yes, we are concerned. Based on what we find out will determine what, if anything, lends itself to further discussion, but we are concerned enough to be inquiring." Salisbury reports that the Phillies felt a handshake agreement was in place with Wetzler, and that someone in the organization later reported him to the NCAA for having an agent present during talks with the team.

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  1. Riaaaaaa 1 year ago

    The Yankees would be the perfect trade partner for the White Sox. The Sox have too many infielders and need a catcher, and the Yankees have too many catchers and need an infielder.

    • jwsox 1 year ago

      Gordon beckham, for cervelli, or one of the under guys. Fingers crossed Sanchez. It makes sense. Beckham is one of the better fielding second basemen in the game and has very very good experience at 3rd and is a natural short stop, plus he is cheap. Or Conor Gillespie could work seeing as he is out of options and likely will lose his spot to Davidson. A left hander with some pop is always nice in Yankee stadium.

  2. pastlives 1 year ago

    i forgot Jaime Garcia existed…must be real easy being a Cardinals fan

    • Jeffy25 1 year ago

      Yeah, wasn’t around much last year.

      Fans expect the worst with him considering injuries, fortunately, they can survive without him just fine.

  3. frogbogg 1 year ago

    Sanchez for sale.

  4. Another gem from Bowden today… The Angels aren’t going to get four FA years from Trout. If he was the Rockies’ GM would he trade Tulo to the Yankees too just so he could write about it a bit more?

    • Jose Ochoa 1 year ago

      Why aren’t the angels going to get four years of fa from trout?

  5. Tigers72 1 year ago

    White Sox are my sleeper team in the AL. They do not play in the hardest division, they have a good young rotation and with the additions of Garcia, Eaton, Abreu and Davidson for full years there lineup should be much better. They always seem to be good one year and bad the next. The Dunn Konerko platoon should be worth 45 homers and a 250 average. Beckam can bat in the 8 hole where he thrives. De Aza will move to left and down in the order. Vice do can be traded for a catcher or relief pitching.

    • Michael Kenny Jr. 1 year ago

      There’s a good chance Davidson won’t be up until June. I’ll be thrilled if Dunnerko hits above replacement level. Beckham will probably be 8th or 9th, and I doubt he’ll thrive. De Aza and Viciedo will platoon; De Aza is much more likely to be traded than Viciedo. I think the Sox will be improved, but not nearly to the point of contention. They need EVERYTHING to break right to make a run at the playoffs. This is just Step 1 in the program.

    • Curt Green 1 year ago

      As much as I despise the White Sox (although now that Ozzie is gone, not so much), I am getting tired of the Tigers winning and not doing squat in the post season. (Yes, I know that they made it to the WS but choked big time). It would be a refreshing change until the Twins young studs come up to dominate again.

    • jwsox 1 year ago

      To be fair beckham was having a breakout year before his wrist injury batting in the 2 hole. But I agree. Screen name aside. The sox have a very good and very deep rotation. With a rock solid bullpen. And a bunch of guys who had bad years last year and can only get better plus with less at bats for Dunn and konerko combined. While adding a true center fielder and a finally legit third basemen. This team could shock some people. Wild card is my guess

      • dro03 1 year ago

        I’m a Sox fan but how do they have a “very good and very deep rotation”? Counting on a guy as their number 3 who’s coming off shoulder surgery/problems, and awful seasons, 2 young guys in as their one and two who are bound to have at least one off year (see Danks/Floyd). And finally who is their 4/5 starters? We’ve seen this before where the Sox bring up someone to fill those roles and failed horribly. I’m more excited for the lineup but I’m not getting my hopes up for a winning season much less a playoff spot.

  6. Soxcbs 1 year ago

    Anyone have any white sox or cubs rumors?

    • GrilledCheese39 1 year ago

      This just in!!

      They both will finish last in their division!

  7. Curt Green 1 year ago

    Like I posted before, the word “historic” is getting to be a tired and worn adjective to use with new contracts. It was “historic” when Kirby Puckett got a 3 year 9 million dollar deal. There will be a “historic” deals until the economy collapses then it won’t matter.

  8. jakec77 1 year ago

    Explain this to me- assuming Trout continues to be the best player in the game and doesn’t get hurt, he will earn $66 million in arbitration, and then $35 million per year after that. So, if you want to sign him to an extension, you have to sign him using those same dollars?
    In that case, why not just go year to year, and let him bear the risk of injury or performance decline?
    If the Angels offer him, say, 10 years at $220 million, and he turns it down, he’s a fool. Even assuming everything goes perfectly for him in his career, he will never miss the $100 million that he leaves on the table, worst case scenario, his great grandkids have less to fight over; otoh, if he has a career ending injury tomorrow, he actually has to worry about what he is going to live on for the rest of his life.

    • TheRealRyan 1 year ago

      The big difference is in 4 years when Trout hits FA, you won’t be able to get him without guaranteeing him at least 10 years at $35 million per year. Now that Trout is only one season away from earning $15+ million, I think the chance to get him on a 10/$220 has sailed. This time next year Trout will already be looking at somewhere around $20 million in career earnings. He would already be set for life, so why not roll the dice that at age 26 you’ll be poised to guarantee yourself the largest contract in sports history? He’ll most likely be looking at 10/$350+ with $65+ million already in the bank at that time.

  9. escapingNihilism 1 year ago

    I hope Trout sacks up and goes year-to-year, and hits FA at 26

    • jwsox 1 year ago

      I would be the does, maybe just maybe singes a 6 year del and hits fa as a 28 year old. It gives him some financial
      Security and the halos some insurance.

  10. Strugz 1 year ago

    According to BRef, Jake Elmore played every position this year including pitcher and DH.

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