Mariners Release Scott Baker

The Mariners have released Scott Baker after the starter upon his request, reports Chris Cotillo of (via Twitter). The veteran righty was an Article XX(B) free agent.

Baker, 32, has not seen substantial MLB action since 2011, when he threw 134 2/3 innings of 3.14 ERA ball for the Twins. He joins a growing list of available starters who will be looking for new homes before the start of the season. It would appear that the Mariners will choose two of Randy Wolf, Roenis Elias, and Blake Beavan to round out the rotation to start the year. 

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  1. johnsilver 1 year ago

    Still holding out hopes Boston will give them Capuano somehow.

  2. Alberto Gomez 1 year ago

    Wolf and Elias, 4th and 5th spots

  3. John Kreese 1 year ago

    So since the beginning of spring training the M’s go from having likely one LHP (Paxton) to three (add Wolf & Elias). Crazy!

    • DogleggedWalnut 1 year ago

      They are strickly placeholders though. Kuma and Taijuan will take their spots easily.

  4. Arndt Miles 1 year ago


    erasmo ramirez

    james paxton

    randy wolf

    roenis elias

    and wolf or elias will probably be out of the job when kuma comes back

    • GonzoBlogger 1 year ago

      When Walker and Iwakuma are ready, Wolf will likely go into the pen in long LHP relief. Elias may well supplant Erasmo Ramirez with one or the other going to AAA since both have options (Elias is actually 25 and Ramirez, with more MLB experience, is just 23 years old).

      And there’s no guaranteeing that Walker or Paxton won’t struggle which is why I don’t think they cut Wolf.

      M’s fans have suffered through several years of position player auditioning (not all that successfully for the most part). Now the young pitchers during Zduriencik’s tenure have arrived and it will be musical chairs for Walker, Paxton, Ramirez, and Elias for two or three spots depending on how well Wolf does.

  5. Hills of Glenallen 1 year ago

    The Cubs spent way too much money on him last year for just a handful of games, he should come back to them on the cheap to make up for it.

    • Bernard Middlebrook 1 year ago

      I saw Baker pitch this spring. Believe me, you don’t want him on the team, even if he pitches for free. 7 BBs, 3 HBPs, ONE STRIKEOUT this spring.

      • twooutssowhat 1 year ago

        The 3 HBP were all back-to-back-to-back though, that’s exciting!

    • Rene2331 1 year ago

      Paging Mr. Theo Epstein

  6. Jonathan Barlock 1 year ago

    It sure wont be Beaven that wins a rotation spot. He gave up 7ers today.

    • GD 1 year ago

      I’ve been tired of Beaven for a LONG time. He was horrible yet again today. Sadly, I was ‘hoping’ he would get beat up today just so he wouldn’t make the rotation. I’m not fond of Wolf either, but he’s better than Beaven. After Baker’s last outing I knew he’d be packing his bags. Don’t know how Seattle is gonna make it through April…this is not good at all until Walker and Iwakuma get back…NOT GOOD!

      • Seanb1223 1 year ago

        The rest of the AL West says hello. They’re all in the same boat.

  7. macdice 1 year ago

    Freddy Garcia??

  8. Metsfan93 1 year ago

    “after the starter upon his request” sort of sounds like two statements mixed together.

  9. KJ4realz 1 year ago


  10. alexamato 1 year ago

    don’t get how Baker wont make the rotation but Wolf will..

    • docmilo5 1 year ago

      Wolf has been able to throw strikes and limit damage. It’s only for about 30 days anyways.

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