Trout Not Putting Deadline On Extension Talks

Though many players prefer to table extension talks once the season gets underway, Mike Trout doesn't appear to be putting any such deadlines on his negotiations with the Angels. Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times wrote last night that Trout is perfectly fine with discussing a new contract over the course of the regular season. "It doesn't matter to me," Trout told DiGiovanna. "Nothing bothers me. I go out there and play, man. I don't worry about any of that stuff.

Trout is under contract for the 2014 season already after agreeing to a record-setting $1MM contract for a pre-arbitration player. Because of that, an extension with the Angels can officially begin in the 2015 season, thereby sparing GM Jerry Dipoto's club any luxury tax implications for the upcoming campaign. Many have speculated that the record-breaking pre-arb commitment was a show of good faith from the Angels that will make a contract extension easier to reach. The two sides were said to be discussing a six-year extension as recently as late February. That contract would run through 2020, buying out three arbitration years and three free agent years.

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