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The Red Sox were praised for their approach last offseason, but the Yankees‘ method can work too, writes Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.  However, just like last year’s Red Sox, the Yankees will have to get unexpected performances.  The Red Sox got surprise contributions from Daniel NavaMike Carp, who was acquired for cash from the Mariners, and another from left-handed reliever Craig Breslow.   Yangervis Solarte is giving the Yankees that sort of performance so far and they’ll need more to stay strong throughout the year.  More from today’s column..

  • The Rockies are watching the Red Sox’ Double and Triple-A teams very closely.  Even though the Rockies are off to a good start and assistant GM Mike Hazen tells the Sox have not heard from Colorado about a trade, Cafardo says it’s something to keep an eye on down the road.   The Red Sox’ outfield started sluggishly and the Rockies have a surplus of outfielders, but at this time nothing like that has been discussed.
  • Any talk of Diamondbacks General Manager Kevin Towers being in trouble likely isn’t accurate since he’s been the victim of bad luck more than anything.   “If Kevin Towers got fired over injuries to key personnel we’d all be in trouble,” one National League GM said.  Arizona has lost major additions in right-handed starter Bronson Arroyo (back) and outfielder Mark Trumbo (foot) as well as ace Patrick Corbin (elbow).
  • Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin, who has yet to play this season, will soon begin extended spring training after rehabbing his knee. He could be a trade candidate if he’s healthy since he’s owed $9.5MM this season and $8MM in 2015, which isn’t prohibitive.
  • There’s a lot of sentiment for asking Bud Selig to stay on for at least another year as baseball commissioner, until the owners can truly find a new leader.

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  1. Greg Gaugler 1 year ago

    “but the Yankees‘ method can work too”

    Who knew spending boatloads of money can win ballgames.

    • Wags71 1 year ago

      At least in the first years of those contracts…

  2. Kyleg182 1 year ago

    Sox have been tied to rumors with Gonzalez trades for a bit but if we can’t bring another power hitter over to Boston I don’t see much happening there. And if they’re going to go for a big name, they’d save their chips for Stanton.

    • Power isn’t really Boston’s problem. The lineup just isn’t hitting very well.

      There’s a big difference in the chips needed to acquire Cargo as opposed to Stanton. Both will require a few big prospects. but Cargo’s salary is not chump change either.

      • Kyleg182 1 year ago

        Agreed, while some of the players required in either package may be differ there are still a few key variables that would still be municipal to both deals. Which prospects they would unload to either team would depend on that team’s requirements but both are going to want pitching and a veteran or two. While Boston could eat some of Cargo’s contract as part of the deal and the overall shipment would most likely be less to get him, I was just saying maybe they should hold off and wait for Stanton. Personally, I’d rather have the latter.

        • The Sox have the pieces required to make a big trade, but I’d like to see them hold off until the end of the season before making a move. Neither Stanton nor Cargo are really available at this point and the Sox might have 2 open slots in the rotation to replace depending on what happens with Lester and Peavy.

  3. burnboll 1 year ago

    I am a big fan of Kevin towers. He’s got a very unapologetic style, not afraid to move potentially high upside guys if they don’t fit (Trevor Bauer). And more times than not, he’s getting it right.

    I love how Arizona puts a high stock on character and grit.

    • Arizona also puts high stock on dumping on player’s character before sending them packing. Towers could’ve done a much better job keeping opinions on Young, Drew, and Upton in house. It’s hard to say he’s right more times than not when the Diamondbacks have one 1st place and two .500 finishes during his tenure.

      • burnboll 1 year ago

        To a point I agree with you, but I also believe that being so brutally honest about players with bad attitude, it sets a high standard for the whole organization.

        Additionally, other teams know towers will dish on bad character and probably takes that into account.

        • People with high standards don’t take shots at their own players to the media. If you want to be brutally honest about a player, say it to them in the clubhouse when the reporters aren’t around.

          That goes for all matters relating to business. I have no respect for someone who airs his dirty laundry in public like Towers has over the years. Badmouthing your employees doesn’t get you anywhere.

          Is it really a good thing if other teams know that Towers will dish on bad character? That really only hurts the players stock.

          • burnboll 1 year ago

            Towers is awesome. I hope he keep on keeping it real with the public. After all, they’re the ones paying the players salary, and should have a very open view of team internal affairs.

            I think teams that are secretive lose in the long run.

            Let it all out, as much as possible, and never quiet a player who speaks his mind to media, fans and what not.

            That will help keep an open culture in the clubhouse. Encourage players to go on record about their team, don’t punish them for laying down the smack on team colleagues.

          • If that culture is embraced, expect the Dbacks to have a similarly poor record for years to come.

          • burnboll 1 year ago

            I think Arizona will get into the playoffs this year. And to the World Series inside 5 years.

      • And with guys like Upton, Drew, Young, Eaton, Bauer, etc. Haven’t heard a single bad thing about their personality since they were traded.

        Running out of clubhouse cancers to ship away now KT!

    • UK Tiger 1 year ago

      To a degree its a laudable thing, wanting players with more “character” and “grit” whatever that is, but the hard truth is hard work generally doesnt win baseball games…talent does.

      You keep your “character” ill take someone who can square up on the ball more often than this “character”, you keep your “grit”, ill take the pitcher with nice gas, solid change and a biting slider, who will, without a doubt, win me more games than your “gritty” pitcher.

      Lord knows what the fun the old boys at Fire Joe Morgan would have with Towers’ philosophies were that place still going.

  4. Joe Valenti 1 year ago

    I am standing by Kevin Towers but injuries are not what is holding back this team. Arroyo missed one start. Although his back issues may be a rationale for his slow performance so far (he pitched strongly last night), that’s not really an excuse considering everyone plays roughed up at one point or another in the season. Trumbo was flirting with the Mendoza line and the D-backs have actually played better since his injury. And finally, Corbin was far from the guarantee that everyone seems to think he was. He pitched extremely poorly at the end of last year, and very well could have been another pitcher on that staff that was pitching far below expectations. This has been a Murphy’s Law kind of season and I would not blame Kevin Towers, but the slow start is because of a lack of production from the guys on the field, and not because of injuries

  5. Stuart Brown 1 year ago

    That’s a shame for Arizona, especially with Arroyo. One thing I imagine they counted on with that signing was his durability.

  6. johnsilver 1 year ago

    With good reason could the Rockies be watching the Sox Portland team, but if Boston is smart, that is the team they would be loathe to be trading prospects from, or several. At least Mookie Betts, Henry Owens and perhaps Blake Swihart.

    If the Rockies are interested, or scouting guys like Deven Marrero, Sean Coyle, or a host of other lesser guys they have there it’s fine, but those 1st 2 should be off limits, even above the Pawtucket AAA rotation at this point that is all near the point of MLB ready.

  7. disgruntledreader 1 year ago

    Quentin’s no-trade clause, the buddy-buddy relationship he and his agent have with the club’s decision-makers, and the fact that the Padres are winning some games even with the putrid lineup they have until he returns makes it highly unlikely Quentin will be traded.

  8. ballybunion 1 year ago

    Good point – the reasonable price tag was the sweetener to get a complete no-trade clause so Quentin could finish his career in his home town. The Padres don’t have a “putrid” line up, it’s one with complementary hitters who need the power bat in the middle of the line up that Quentin represents. Why people think Quentin is available for a trade is puzzling. I think he needs to make a Tony Gwynn statement, like Tony did when he became a 5-10 man during the Padres early ’90s fire sale and declared, “I like it here and I’m not leaving!”

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