Poll: Top 2015 Free Agent Third Baseman

MLBTR’s first edition of the 2015 free agent power rankings featured one prime position player at the top (Hanley Ramirez) and a group of pitchers to round out the top five. (Charlie Wilmoth already asked our readers to rank those arms.) Things get somewhat murkier at that point, with a host of players who have fairly significant question marks making up the rest of the list and the group of players worth keeping an eye on.

What is clear, however, is that the third base market contains two top targets: Chase Headley of the Padres and Pablo Sandoval of the Giants. (While Ramirez could hypothetically sign to play the hot corner, it’s fair to assume that he would be out of the league of these two regardless.) The pair of switch-hitters are each off to slow starts and have a history of inconsistent production, but have registered 6+ WAR seasons at their best. Sandoval will hit the market at a youthful 28, while Headley is hardly old for a free agent (he just turned 30). Their career production has been rather similar on the whole.

MLBTR’s Steve Adams prefers Headley to Sandoval, arguing that he has a higher floor. But it is hard to ignore Sandoval’s age advantage, and clubs will be intrigued at the possibility of unleashing his bat (especially from the left side) in a more hitter-friendly home park.

So, let’s see what the consensus is among MLBTR readers: Who is the better 2015 free agent target?

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10 months 7 days ago

…would be interesting to redo this poll now.