Cubs Moving Closer To Bonifacio Trade

TODAY, 12:04am: Also in on Bonifacio as of this morning were the Pirates, tweets Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.

11:13am: There is plenty of action on Bonifacio, who is being pursued currently by the Orioles, Giants, and Mariners, tweets Jayson Stark of

Bonifacio is a backup option for the Mariners, along with Chris Denorfia, tweets Bob Dutton of the Tacoma News Tribune. Seattle prefers to add Alex Rios or Ben Zobrist.

YESTERDAY, 8:12pm: It does not appear that the Giants are going to acquire Bonifacio, according to a tweet from Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle.

6:42pm: The Royals are not yet close to adding Bonifacio, tweets Andy McCullough of the Kansas City Star.

5:48pm: The O’s are not in on Bonifacio, tweets Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun, who hears that the versatile fielder could be returning to Kansas City. Needless to say, that would be an interesting turn of events: Bonifacio finished well last year with Kansas City, was tendered a contract, agreed to a salary to avoid arbitration, and was then released before the start of the season.

5:14pm: At present, the Giants, Orioles, and Reds are all in play for Bonifacio, reports Jon Heyman of

4:50pm: Bonifacio has been told to be prepared for a deal today, tweets Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times.

4:42pm: Bonifacio is indeed not in the lineup, with manager Rick Renteria saying it was “prudent” to hold him out, according to Rogers (Twitter link).

2:50pm: The Cubs are getting close to trading Bonifacio, tweets Jesse Rogers of ESPN Chicago. Levine tweets that Bonifacio is not in tonight’s lineup, which could obviously signal that a deal is nigh. Hank Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle hears that the Giants have been scouting Bonifacio all week, but the asking price for the impending free agent is said to be high.

2:32pm: The Orioles are Giants are considering Cubs utility man Emilio Bonifacio as a trade option, tweets ESPN’s Buster Olney.  Bruce Levine of 670 The Score adds the Royals, Mariners, and Reds as three more potential suitors (All Twitter links).

Bonifacio, 29, is hitting .279/.318/.373 in 298 plate appearances for the Cubs.  The switch-hitter is raking against lefties in this year’s limited sample.  He’s mainly played center field and second base for the Cubs.  Bonifacio is eligible for free agency after the season.

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  1. OaklandFan22 11 months ago

    This guy would be a perfect fit for the A’s, being able to play both the outfield with Gentry and Crisp out and second base where we have major issues. Wanna take Hammel back?

    • jb226 11 months ago

      I never expected Hammel to be as good as he was in Chicago, but ouch. I just looked at his numbers with Oakland and that’s got to sting. Sorry about that, I actually like the A’s! :/

      • over100 11 months ago

        Hammel is a typical Cub starter. Overperforms, then stinks. Only needed to look at Garza, Dempster, Maholm and Feldman to know that. Yet the A’s were fooled just like them.

        • jb226 11 months ago

          I’m not sure fooled is right. I think they were expecting to get a mid-to-back rotation guy, which Hammel has been most of his career. They were “fooled” in the sense that he has been more horrible than I think anybody expected, but not because they thought he was going to keep pitching to a sub-3 ERA.

          • sourbob 11 months ago

            True. Also, this is only three bad starts. Consider that a rapid regression to the mean for his overall stats. He will probably settle down as the good #4 he was expected to be before long.

          • Seamaholic 11 months ago

            Hammel is a notorious fast starter, IIRC. I don’t think he’s going anywhere but down for the A’s.

    • Travis2014 11 months ago

      Don’t worry his FIP shows that he has pitched better than his stats show.

    • mlbaustin 11 months ago

      I hope you’re wrong and the A’s get someone that will make an impact.

    • Erik DC Murray 11 months ago

      I think the A’s are going to the show though, what a team they have!

  2. Travis2014 11 months ago

    C Mon Doug Melvin. What are you doing? Stop sitting on your hands.

  3. Thomas W 11 months ago

    the guys hits LHP really well, has speed and can play some D, worth 2.7 WAR over the last calendar year another smart signing by the cubs

  4. sourbob 11 months ago

    Multiple sources are saying the asking price on Bonifacio is high.

    Maybe the Cubs feel the lack of hitters on the market makes a leadoff hitting OF/2B more valuable than he might be otherwise? Or maybe they feel no pressure to trade him and are pricing accordingly.

    • over100 11 months ago

      The guy has hit terribly since April and is having one hot week. He doesn’t have a solid career. I can’t imagine him really having high value.

    • over100 11 months ago

      The guy has hit terribly since April and is having one hot week. He doesn’t have a solid career. I can’t imagine him really having high value.

      • sourbob 11 months ago

        I’m not personally arguing that he *should* have high trade value. I’m only speculating about why the Cubs seem to think he does.

        He does have hits in six of seven games since coming off the DL. So that’s something, I guess.

        • Flubs 11 months ago

          You’d make a great gm. “Boni is available, hes not that good so we dont want much for him”

          • sourbob 11 months ago

            When did I say that?

          • Flubs 11 months ago

            Theo is trying to sell Boni. He should he think highly of all of his players, ecspecially the one he is trying to sell

          • Flubs 11 months ago

            whether he believes it or not, its called being a salesmen

    • jb226 11 months ago

      I won’t lie, that’s weird. I like Boni, especially in the stretch run for a contender. But he’s just not worth that much.

      Good on the Cubs if they can get somebody to overpay though.

  5. over100 11 months ago

    Bonifacio has hit .246 since April, with an OPS of .633

    If you take out his hot week here, his OPS was .543 in May and June.

    • ubercubsfan 11 months ago

      Hey, I can do this too. Take out one bad week in May/June and he has a:
      .297 BA, .340 OBP, and OPS of .737!

      Man, it’s nice to just take a week out of a players numbers anytime you want, right?

  6. Tre-Day 11 months ago

    I really want the Dodgers to go after this guy. He’d be a much better option off the bench than who we’re planning on going forward with now (see: Chone Figgins)

    • Gumby65 11 months ago

      Oh the Dodgers may just do that to keep him from SF… Unfortunately we were clamoring for this to happen last offseason, and there is nowhere to put him in LA now.

      • Tre-Day 11 months ago

        Well he’d definitely be a bench guy. And Colletti LOVES these kind of flex guys. He could definitely fit, just depends on the price

        • Gumby65 11 months ago

          Look for Chone to be DFA’d (or optioned, as I believe he has a split contract) after his rehab expires; Darwin Barney is the Utilityman of the Month now.

          • Tre-Day 11 months ago

            And that’s only until Arruebarruena comes off the DL, then depending on how close to roster expansions we are, we’ll probably DFA Barney lol

          • Gumby65 11 months ago

            Arruebarruena (copied and pasted, tyvm) has been demoted to RanchoC (A Ball) on an internal disciplinary move versus DL (not sure of his suspension status as he is in today’s lineup). Barney’s deal is very team friendly—Cubs sent money to Dodgers believe it or not!

          • Tre-Day 11 months ago

            Oh that’s right. The brawl lol

          • Tre-Day 11 months ago

            Oh that’s right. The brawl lol

          • Gumby65 11 months ago

            Well nevermind all of that, Barney optioned to Albuquerque…

  7. Gumby65 11 months ago

    The Orioles are Giants? Orange and Black will do that for some people…

  8. GrilledCheese39 11 months ago

    I feel like he could fit well on the Pirates. They really need to redo their bench. Harrison is the only acceptable one on it.

  9. Badamike 11 months ago

    To nab one of these SF pitching prospects would be an awesome get for the Cubs for Bonifacio…..Mejia, Mella, of Blach would be fantastic…prolly not likely

  10. Thomas Erie 11 months ago

    how much could the cubs possibly get Emilio bonafacio isn’t that good at all

    • J. Alora 11 months ago

      He’d be a huge upgrade for the Giants. I imagine Sabean would part with a decent pitching prospect for him.

      • Thomas Erie 11 months ago

        not for Bonafacio I have watched this guy he is nowhere near as good as his numbers suggest

        • J. Alora 11 months ago

          All he has to be is better than Dan Uggla.

          • Seamaholic 11 months ago

            Well, he has to be better than other 2B available for the same price.

          • Definitely better than Uggla. Great avatar. Bay area folks know that one well.

  11. OaklandFan22 11 months ago

    Please be the A’s!

  12. Seth 11 months ago

    Nice one Dayton Moore. Lets release a guy we had in the off season then try pick him up half way through the next season.

  13. TheRealRyan 11 months ago

    What is a high return for a soon to be free agent Bonifacio? A C/C+ prospect?

    • Supply and demand tells me it could be much better than that.

      • over100 11 months ago

        The supply of utility players that have had only one good month and 2 terrible months is that low? Bonifacio was hitting worse than Darwin Barney for 2 months.

        • CapnFatback 11 months ago

          Hey, you know what I’d love to hear? Your ruminations on Bonifacio’s production in relation to that of another Cubs middle infielder . . . say, Darwin Barney. Any thoughts?

  14. bigbadjohnny 11 months ago

    Cubs just got a pretty good “A” pitcher from the Dodgers for Darwin Barney.

  15. EightMileCats 11 months ago

    I like Bonifocio as a super utility guy. Can play OF, middle IF adequately… has solid speed.
    I just don’t see how a guy who should bench player could justify a ‘high’ return

  16. Matt Johnson 11 months ago

    The real question is… who would the Cubs replace his roster spot with? Has to be Baez right?

    • bigbadjohnny 11 months ago

      Logan Watkins……Baez not on 40 man roster.

      • Matt Johnson 11 months ago

        True, but moving Bonifacio opens a spot on 40 for Baez

        • CapnFatback 11 months ago

          With Doubront coming on board, Fujikawa will need that spot when he gets off the DL. That said, dumping Brett Jackson or Josh Vitters is possible. Still, I think it will be Watkins.

  17. If Cubs had control beyond this season I wouldn’t mind if they kept Bonafacio for another year but if TheoJed can pick up another decent piece for the rebuild by flipping yet another player noone wanted in the offseason, hell yeah.

  18. TLB2001 11 months ago

    I like Bonifacio, but if the Royals trade for him after letting him go for nothing in the offseason, I won’t be happy. Besides, how does he improve our outfield situation? I don’t think he makes us any better than Jarrod Dyson.

  19. Robert 11 months ago

    A’s wouldnt surprise me at all. They need offense from 2B and help in the OF, Boni would fit both and will come pretty cheaply.
    Also, he has great versatility which they seem to appreciate in Oakland. Maybe roll him into the Cubs PTBNL, and get a decent arm back…?
    Wherever he goes, best of luck, Emilio.
    He’s a nice ballplayer and depending on what happens between now and spring training ’15, I hope they consider bringing him back.
    Switch hitter that can play every position on the field (aside from pitcher and catcher), who wouldnt want this guy on their roster?

  20. Benjamin Orr 11 months ago

    If the Yankees were smart, they’d go after Bonifacio. He’s exactly what they need.

    • bigbadjohnny 11 months ago

      But does the Yankees have anything Theo wants?

      • DippityDoo 11 months ago

        Zach Nuding or a Matt Tracy, I mean who would think the Cubs would get a Corey Black for Soriano. Plenty of nice options in Yankee’s system.

  21. Matt 11 months ago

    Theo and Jed making moves! I love it. I like Bonifacio but if we can get someone to overpay it would be golden.

    • Seamaholic 11 months ago

      Nobody’s gonna overpay. C prospect.

      • Trock 11 months ago

        Boni isn’t someone you give away for a c prospect. I don’t think they are going to get a super highly rated prospect but they aren’t going to give him away. He is very valuable and can play a good amount of positions. You act like he has no value

        • Seamaholic 11 months ago

          He’s a rental though. A position player rental with an OPS+ of 90, so considerably below average. For two months of at most a part-time starter who makes real money, you don’t get a good prospect.

          • jb226 11 months ago

            I think part of the issue is that terms like “C prospect” are so open to interpretation. My expectation is that the Cubs will get somebody roughly on the level of what they got for Darwin Barney: A lottery ticket having a nice year, but who isn’t highly regarded.

          • Seamaholic 11 months ago

            Yes. I’d call that “C”. “B” is a highly regarded guy who’s maybe the bottom quarter of the top 100 or a little lower than that. “A” is elite. Everything else is a non-prospect. Guess people define it differently.

    • Hoosierdaddy92 11 months ago

      Best part about this trade is that with both him and Barney gone, maybe Baez comes up?

  22. over100 11 months ago

    That is an extremely fair point.

    I am only pointing out that Bonifacio has played like Darwin Barney for a majority of this year and is riding a 10 game period in which every single bloop landed, he had multiple infield singles, and weak little ten hoppers that found a hole.

    Nothing to pretend like a good prospect is worth.

    • Robert 11 months ago

      No, he wont bring back much. Maybe an arm a little better than Barney- something similar to add to the stockpile.

      But his offense has certainly been better than Barney’s. At least Bonifacio had hot and cold streaks. Barney was just a block of ice since 2012…

      • over100 11 months ago

        Haha. Believe it or not Barney was red hot when he went on paternity leave.

        But he had to go. His defense wasn’t as amazing as before either.

  23. Nobody is better than Theo and Jed at taking a nickel and turning it into a dime. How will next year go? 6th straight year in the cellar? Another 2-3 pitchers traded? How about that top 5 pick? Can hardly wait.

  24. Hoosierdaddy92 11 months ago

    Get him outta here, Jed/Theo! Javier Baez time.

  25. Zak Arn 11 months ago

    I like Bonifacio… he’d be a nice RHB bench/platoon MI/OF option for any team. Speed, Defense (except CF), & Versatility what’s not to love?

  26. Zak Arn 11 months ago

    So anyways, I was standing there waiting to use the pay phone. And this guy who was on the phone, turns around and tips his hat like this….. I was like “Emiliooooo”

  27. Je Fa 11 months ago

    So everyone close to acquiring Bonifacio are not close.

  28. Red_Line_9 11 months ago

    Royals DFA Bonafacio this spring…when they actually needed him. Now they are trying to give up something to get him back? Would have made more sense to have DFA’d Dyson

  29. Red_Line_9 11 months ago

    Royals DFA Bonafacio this spring…when they actually needed him. Now they are trying to give up something to get him back? Would have made more sense to have DFA’d Dyson

  30. Jay King 11 months ago

    I honestly would not mind him on the Reds. I know they are fading right now but this would be a nice pickup for us even when phillips and votto get back…. hopefully. Its not a huge splash but it would make sense for the Reds. Hopefully they are not asking too much though or Jockety won’t pull the trigger

    • bigbadjohnny 11 months ago

      Since the All Star break, the Reds are falling fast….need to do something before Reds fans turn to the Bengals.

  31. Jay King 11 months ago

    I honestly would not mind him on the Reds. I know they are fading right now but this would be a nice pickup for us even when phillips and votto get back…. hopefully. Its not a huge splash but it would make sense for the Reds. Hopefully they are not asking too much though or Jockety won’t pull the trigger

  32. Ray Koenig 11 months ago

    Looks like nobody’s in on Bonifacio.

    • bigbadjohnny 11 months ago

      The “Nobody’s” are the ones who can’t afford the asking price.

  33. chaz 11 months ago

    Last year in Toronto, Bonafacio’s play was beyond abysmal. No glove, no arm, no bat. Caveat emptor on this guy.

  34. bigbadjohnny 11 months ago

    Reds, Giants, Royals still in talks.

  35. Eric Mack 11 months ago

    I’m a little disappointed that Atlanta isn’t in on him. I think he’d be good for us!

  36. Kyle 11 months ago

    If he goes to the Pirates, then a bigger trade is brewing.

  37. Hurdled Again 11 months ago

    Why would the Pirates want him? Absolutely not helpful. The outfielders are set.

  38. Danielle Rennifer 11 months ago

    Cespedes & Napoli would be perfect for the Mariners if the Red Sox can swing a three way deal w/ the Cubs, Padres, Rays, or the Rangers (maybe also get Zobrist, Rios, or Bonifacio). What will cost to make the three way deal?

  39. jb226 11 months ago

    You know what’s kind of hilarious?

    Somehow, between the Lester rumors, then the Dubront trade and this thread, I actually missed the Cardinals acquiring Masterson. I saw it in a comment and I was like “whoa, what?!”

  40. Trock 11 months ago

    Why is this a story? Hmm. Crazy how a trade rumor comes up as a story on a trade rumor website…

  41. East Coast Bias 11 months ago

    Hey, I forgot all about that until you just mentioned it.

  42. Me too! Going to have to get caught up now…

  43. Me too! Going to have to get caught up now…

  44. ubercubsfan 11 months ago

    I’m not overrating anything. All I’m saying is you can’t take out the good numbers and say he’s sucked. Especially, if you aren’t willing to take out the bad as well. Overall, he’s been a decent pickup. Someone I wouldn’t mind the Cubs keeping as a super utility player and spot starter.

  45. sourbob 11 months ago

    He wasn’t arguing to rate Bonifacio higher. He was making a more general point about how pointless the “If you leave out [period of time], Player X is awful/awesome!” trope. Taking out that one bad week IS goofy. Just like you taking out one good week is goofy.

  46. over100 11 months ago

    If you take out an April in which he was king of the bloop and hit I don’t know how many infield singles and weak grounders that barely found holes, his numbers look like Darwin Barney. That’s bad.Lucky for the Cubs, Bonifacio got hot this week and will trick a team in to forgetting his lucky April that inflated his numbers.

  47. ubercubsfan 11 months ago

    And if you take out his entire May he looks even better than he is. You cannot take data out. Baseball is a grind, it’s the WHOLE season to date.

    Taking out his first 48(24 in April and first 24 in May) games he’s a .293 BA, .310 OBP, .724 SLG player. If you want to take out his April, you must take out his May. It’s only fair if you want to play the “take out” game.

  48. Craig York 11 months ago

    So your saying a bunch of infield hits, is lucky? The guy can flat out run, it’s part of his game. I agree with ubercubsfan, you simply can’t just remove months or a week from a guy’s season. LOL

  49. ubercubsfan 11 months ago

    Thank you. That’s all I’m saying. You can’t just take out a period of time and say that he’s worse or you’ll get someone that does a different period of time and say he’s even better.

  50. Jim Johnson 11 months ago

    Not really, especially when trading for a player. You do have to look at what he will be worth to you going forward, because you didn’t receive any of that past value. It was like Solarte with the Yankees. His WAR value really wasn’t all that much different than Headley’s on the year. BUT the Yankees made the trade because if you remove Solarte’s hot starter, he hasn’t been very good. If you remove Headley’s early cold spell, he has been an improvement.

  51. over100 11 months ago

    Taking out random months is not the same as taking out the CLEAR anomaly of a first month.

  52. ubercubsfan 11 months ago

    How do you know the short period of time is not the anomaly this year? Players can have a great year then go back to being a pumpkin the following. Again, I’m not saying he’s a great player. He’s useful. Especially as a super utility player to a team that needs his versatility in the field and that he is a switch hitter.

  53. sourbob 11 months ago

    His “CLEAR anomaly of a first month” was only 50 points higher than his career OPS. His “two month” stint of being terrible (actually, he was on the DL most of June, but whatever) was 90 points points below his career OPS and 115 points lower than his ZIPS rest-of-season projection. And that stint of being awful was injury-related and followed by a turn on the DL.

    NO ONE is saying he’s great, btw. Just pointing out how lame the “But if you leave out ______” game is.

  54. over100 11 months ago

    So LaHairs April was not an anomaly?

  55. over100 11 months ago

    The poor playing time is far longer than his fluke April.

  56. over100 11 months ago

    I await your apology at the end of the year when his OPS in below 650

  57. over100 11 months ago

    I looked it up, and you are incorrect.

    April his OPS was .791 (over 1.000 his first lucky week).

    His career is .666.

    That is not only 50 points.

    May-July 30th, his OPS was .631. 32 points lower than his career.

    Which sounds more like him?

    I have a LaHair card I’d love to sell you and anyone else this concept is above. Sure, his OPS was 1.251 in April, and .684 the rest of the year…. but it’s a “trope” to examine statistics in such a way…

  58. ubercubsfan 11 months ago

    No, I don’t believe it was an anomaly. He was crushing fastballs. It wasn’t until the league learned he couldn’t hit a curve balls and change ups that did him in. Now had he been hitting those in April and then suddenly stopped that would be a different story.


  59. over100 11 months ago

    I believe Bonifacio is the same, only, not even close to the power. 0 HRs and triples in April, scant amount of doubles. We disagree, and all power to you, sir. Sorry if I came off too sarcastic.

  60. sourbob 11 months ago

    He’s not really helping you with that since he came off the DL, is he? But I guess “if you leave out that”…. LOL

  61. over100 11 months ago

    He sure was helping me in May and June, and his career numbers help me as well. Shame neither of us will remember this when I am inevitably correct.

  62. sourbob 11 months ago

    You know, you might be right in the end. You might not be. But the way they’ll figure his stats at the end of the year is to look at all of the games he played, not just the ones that help people on the internet make specious points.

  63. sourbob 11 months ago

    Nine plate appearances is far longer? The “poor playing time” you keep wanting to be the sole numbers used for evaluating Bonifacio consists of one full month (May) and one partial month (June), totaling 148 plate appearances. The good playing time you think is comparatively minimal and should be disregarded (his hot April and his hot July) totals 139 plate appearances.

    So let’s be clear: 148 plate appearances over one full and one partial month is FAR larger a sample than 139 plate appearances over one full and one partial month?

    Sounds like both of those samples are kind of extreme. You know what we could do to get a better idea of his overall performance? We could include all of the stats so that we could get some averages.

  64. Craig York 11 months ago

    Thank you!!

  65. over100 11 months ago

    His slump started mid-April. I’m talking April 10th to July 29th with an OPS of .623.

    257 PA vs. 41.

    We could include all of LaHair’s stats. But we don’t. Because we all know some people overperform for a month. By we, I mean people that understand statistics and factor in anomalies.

    I’m not saying “take out every Monday he’s played, and half of the Tuesdays, and maybe like 3 Saturdays… and any games played with a full moon.”

    I’m saying he played WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over his head for his first CONSECUTIVE 41 PA’s. And got lucky. That happens in baseball. And guess what? His career supports it. History (LaHair) supports it.

  66. sourbob 11 months ago

    We disagree on the definition of the word “fluke.” LaHair had two good months. EVER. Bonifacio has a dozen or so good months in his track record over the last 5 years and once had a full season worth 2.8 fWAR. That’s a streaky player, not a fluky one.

    So far in his career, he’s cold around two thirds of the time, hot around a third. So no one should be counting too heavily on him. But in addition to the terrific week he had in April, he’s having one now. Flukes don’t repeat. Streakiness cycles, though.

    So how to reconcile hot streak numbers from a streaky player with his cold streaks? You include the good with the bad.

    Thus, “If you leave out _______” is pretty off base for this case.

  67. Seamaholic 11 months ago

    Who do you think I’m a fan of?

  68. Seamaholic 11 months ago

    Huh … I guess I shouldn’t talk, but what a weird thing to waste your time doing …

  69. bigbadjohnny 11 months ago

    Travis is a Brewers fan……whose farm system is terrible.

  70. Trock 11 months ago

    Sorry. I thought I was having fun to :)

  71. Robert 11 months ago

    Same bad line, but nobody is buying it…
    Bonifacio’s OPS by month:

    .740 in April
    .558 in May
    .500 in June- 10 games (DL)
    1.000 in July- 10 games (DL)

    So one good month, followed by a bad one.
    Then two shortened months due to injury; one good, one bad.

    So he’s been good half the season and bad half the season. You can’t pick half the stats because they tell the story you prefer.

  72. Robert 11 months ago

    Well now we’re getting into the finer points of scouting…
    How do we predict a player’s future?

    I agree that outliers can skew stat lines, but they are still part of a player’s overall body of work. We could eliminate them, but we’d also have to eliminate any “cold” streaks, and then you get into tricky territory… Whats hot or cold for a specific player? What is his “average” average? What if he’s new to the league like Solarte and you can’t go by previous seasons??

    So do we “punish” hitters for a hot streak, just because they can’t keep it going for 150 games? Every player has ups and downs over a full season.

    Interesting debate…

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