Rockies’ Tyler Chatwood To Undergo Tommy John Surgery

Rockies hurler Tyler Chatwood will undergo Tommy John surgery on his right elbow, reports Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post. Given the timing of the procedure, and the fact that Chatwood has already had a UCL replacement, it seems likely that he will miss all of next season.

Chatwood, still only 24, had a promising 2013 season, posting a 3.15 ERA in 20 starts with 5.3 K/9 against 3.3 BB/9.  He had been expected to play a major role in the Colorado rotation this year. But, like several other members of the staff, Chatwood has instead missed most of the year due to injury.

The injury certainly has ramifications beyond the season for the Rockies. Chatwood is set to qualify for arbitration eligibility for the first time next year, and the club will have to decide whether to commit to him while he rehabs. Of course, returning from a second TJ procedure is generally a longer and riskier undertaking. While Chatwood has been out since April 29, Saunders explains that he had been working to rehab what was diagnosed as a right flexor strain and elbow inflammation.

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  1. cyberboo 12 months ago

    Another pitcher bites the dust and contrary to what the fans believe, teams need to harnass pitchers in their teen years to concentrate on control, not velocity. Throwing a baseball is abnormal and puts intense pressure on the elbow. Fans want to see guys throwing 100mph, but to do that on a body that hasn’t matured will destroy the arm, not benefit it, which leads to blown-out elbows. Everyone is different and what good does it do to throw 100mph if you have no idea where the ball is going? By harnassing the pitchers velocity at around 85 – 90mph until their body matures, the pitcher learns to put the ball where he wants it, it doesn’t strain the arm as badly, and as they mature and grow stronger, their velocity rises accordingly. It isn’t rocket science. Pitchers for 100 years enjoyed 20 plus years in the majors because they didn’t reach the majors until they were 23 – 24 or later and they learned how to pitch first and control the ball. If you look at all the hall of fame pitchers, walks were nearly non-existant and Bob Gibson issued 9 walks in 500 innings. Ferguson Jenkins would throw 15 complete games in a row without issuing even one walk and their arms were compatible due to maturity. Unfortunately, many young guys are promoted, told to throw as hard as they can for 100 pitches and then teams wonder why they need surgery on blown-out elbows.

  2. Quikmix 12 months ago

    the crisis continues. . .

  3. start_wearing_purple 12 months ago

    How many TJ surgeries this year is that now?

  4. rxbrgr 12 months ago

    This would seem to put Chatwood in a similar boat to one Jeremy Hefner found himself in last year. The Mets non-tendered him and then re-signed him to a minor league deal while he rehabs. Seems to have saved them a little $$ there while still keeping the arm in their system. Of course, with the Mets, it’s all about saving a little $$.

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 12 months ago

      That would be sensible for both sides. They do risk losing him to another team if they non tender him. If they want to take a risk on him, they just need to make sure they work it out in advance.

  5. Pei Kang 12 months ago

    him too? what’s that, 35 total now? geeze

  6. Danielle Rennifer 12 months ago

    With Chatwood out for a long period of time, a trade possibly w/ the Seattle Mariners may not be out of the question since Morneau is been linked to dome trade rumors along w/ outfielder Carlos Gonzalez. Package both to Seattle for Tyler Pike/Stephen Landazuri, Brandon Maurer, Nick Franklin/Brad Miller to replace Tulo (also mentioned in some trade rumors), and couple prospects. What will it take for the Rockies to receive in Carlos Gonzalez & Justin Morneau deal if any mentioned above?

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