AL Central Notes: Swisher, Rodon, Royals

The Indians have announced that 1B/DH Nick Swisher will be out for the next eight to ten weeks after having surgery on both knees. That would suggest he’s out for the rest of the season. Swisher was in the midst of a disappointing season in the second year of his $56MM deal with Cleveland, hitting .208/.278/.331 in 401 plate appearances. Here’s more from the AL Central.

  • GM Rick Hahn says the White Sox haven’t yet decided whether they’ll promote 2014 third overall draft pick Carlos Rodon once rosters expand in September, Colleen Kane of the Chicago Tribune tweets. If they do promote him, they could use him as a starter. The White Sox recently promoted Rodon to Triple-A Charlotte after pitching well in four appearances for Class A+ Winston-Salem.
  • We still can’t get a clear read on the 2013 James Shields / Wil Myers trade between the Royals and the Rays because some of the secondary players involved haven’t yet reached their potential, Rob Neyer of FOX Sports writes. For example, the Rays received minor league infielder Patrick Leonard in the deal, and he’s currently hitting .293/.372/.470 in 476 plate appearances for Class A+ Charlotte (the Charlotte team based in Florida, not the Triple-A team mentioned above) as a 21-year-old. Also, 25-year-old Mike Montgomery, another Rays acquisition, has gradually improved at Triple-A.

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  1. Tom 11 months ago

    Is that right? Rodon only threw 12 innings to get promoted to AAA.

    • Dynasty22 11 months ago

      12.2 innings 😉

      • Ralph Esposito 11 months ago

        15 2/3 innings for Carlos Rodon. Chris Sale was already in the majors after 14 1/3 minor league innings.

        • Dynasty22 11 months ago

          I know but Rodon had 12.2 innings under his belt before he got promoted to AAA. Obviously, the White Sox agressively pushing Sale has worked out for them. If they think it can work for Rodon then good for them and him.

          • Ralph Esposito 11 months ago

            My bad. You are absolutely correct. I can’t remember if Chris even pitched in AAA?

          • Dynasty22 11 months ago

            He did. 6.1 innings before he got promoted.

  2. Mike1L 11 months ago

    I wonder if the market isn’t going to start to reprice for players like Swisher, who was a streaky player with the Yankees, and had some good years and some poor ones. Maybe we will start to see even more difference between the real stars, and the useful to good players.

    • Douglas Rau 11 months ago

      You can claim Swisher was streaky but prior to signing with the Indians, he’s hit 20 home runs in every single season for the previous 8 seasons, between Oakland, the White Sox and the Yankees. In the post-steroid era (guessing that we might actually be in one, how can we know for sure, thank you, Bud Selig), that’s a pretty consistent source of power.

      • Mike1L 11 months ago

        Swisher was a productive player for the Yankees, but they were able to buy him on the cheap after he had a rough season with the White Sox in 2008. He showed power then, as he did every year, but had a OPS+ of 93 and had was a negative BWar year. I liked Swisher, he’s just not a first ranked star. That was kind of my point.

        • aaron b 11 months ago

          Swisher was paid like a first ranked star. He got Edwin Jackson money.

          Still he has been a disappointment in Cleveland. I figured he would age better than he has.

  3. bdfun 11 months ago

    “We still can’t get a clear read on the 2013 James Shields / Wil Myers trade between the Royals and the Rays”
    Am I missing something? Meyers just came off the 60 day DL, he is hitting .230, the Rays are 12.5 games out of 1st and their attendance is down by 8,000 from last year. Shields is 12 and 6, having another great year, the Royals are in 1st by 1 game and stand a good chance of making the playoffs, last time was 1985 and there attendance is up by 80,000.

    The Royals have gotten exactly what they wanted from the trade and the Rays had to give up on the postseason.

    • StevetheBaker 11 months ago

      Probably need to read Neyer’s piece and bring it up with him if you disagree.

    • East Coast Bias 11 months ago

      One important fact you conveniently left out is that while James Shields will be a free agent after this season, Myers will be under team control for four more years.

      Just saying, that’s too important of information to leave out.

      • faceforest 11 months ago

        And that Wade Davis is a free agent after this season. Plus the fact that Mike Montgomery is having a killer season for the Bulls, and Odorizzi is becoming a solid pitcher for the Rays when they needed him the most. He also has the highest K/9 numbers and strikeouts vs Rookies this season.

      • aaron b 11 months ago

        Royals will get at least a comp pick once Shields leaves.

  4. mboss 11 months ago

    I bet the Astros are really happy with their decision not to draft Rodon! As a Sox fan….Thank You!!!

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