Angels Designate Wade LeBlanc For Assignment

The Angels have designated lefty Wade LeBlanc for assignment, Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register reports on Twitter. Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times first tweeted that the move seemed likely.

LeBlanc had been expected to fill a rotation slot, at least temporarily, for a club that is still figuring out how to deal with the losses of Garrett Richards and Tyler Skaggs. Having now removed LeBlancĀ from the big league roster, it is fair to wonder whether GM Jerry Dipoto has his eyes on acquiring a more permanent replacement. (Though, it should be noted, internal replacements such as Randy Wolf could instead be utilized.)

The 30-year-old LeBlanc has now been designated three times this year, twice by the Halos and once by the Yankees. Over 10 2/3 innings at the MLB level, he has allowed 12 runs on 15 hits and seven strikeouts against six walks.

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  1. Metsfan27 10 months ago

    Paging Bartolo Colon

  2. Gumby65 10 months ago

    Sometjhing tells me he may be have a second carreer as a Cajun Country singer.

  3. ROR1997 10 months ago

    FXX may have a Bart, but the angels are about to get a Bartolo

  4. Well as a Mets fan, I’m hoping this means they’re trading for Colon and we’re actually getting a decent package or prospect back…because you know…things always work out for us Mets fans.

    • dodgerskingsfan 10 months ago

      go trade with the dodgers.

      • We’d love to. But you guys have this stubborn habit of wanting to hold on to Pederson and Seager.

        • Metfan9876 10 months ago

          Colon isn’t worth either of those two guys, no matter how desperate the Dodgers may be. However, he can still fetch some nice prospects from the Dodgers, just not super prospects like that

          • Sean Casey 10 months ago

            With Sweeney and Schebler being sent to AFL and the Dodgers ownership history of not trading top prospects I think LA makes less and less sense as a trade partner. It’s becoming more obvious that NY isn’t going to settle for a small package of lower tier guys. I think LA should keep the prospects and the open rotation spot for 2015 and go after Lester or Shields this off-season. They’ll also have Haren vesting a player option for next year. If Ryu is fine then let Anaheim overpay or the Mets can keep the kids down in Las Vegas another year for Colon.

          • I think the Mets and Dodgers could match up well, but it wouldn’t be based on Colon and it’d have to be a much bigger deal. Let’s say David Wright can have a healthy next 4-5 weeks (not sure that’s happening) and then the Mets would be willing to put him up (definitely not happening)…Wright and some young pitching could be used to get Pederson and maybe even Seager. Then again…yeah…probably not.

          • Haha. Oh I know. Not what I meant. See above.

        • Sean Casey 10 months ago

          Angels don’t have anything to offer close to those guys.

          • Just about no one does. But I don’t think Colon gets either. I was just responding like, it’s not like we don’t want to trade with Dodgers…it’s just we want overvalue in every trade we make…and Dodgers stubbornly (and rightly) aren’t budging.

  5. dodgerskingsfan 10 months ago

    scott feldman could be had also.

  6. Melvin McMurf 10 months ago

    here today, gone tomorrow

  7. Evan 10 months ago


  8. Guest 10 months ago

    Something something, Colon, something something.

  9. Dogger27 10 months ago

    I’m thinking a Grant Green for Colon and cash! Green use to be a top 100 prospect 3 years ago with the As! I assume he could replace David Wright while he struggling and hurt! Green could also play second base just in case Murphy gets traded this offseason.

    • Tom 10 months ago

      Mets have 3 alternatives to Daniel Murphy if he’s traded. They don’t need that, plus 2 alternatives for Wright, and they wouldn’t trade for a fill in for him anyway.

  10. disadvantage 10 months ago

    Pretty sure Blanton is still available.

  11. connfyoozed . 10 months ago

    Wade LeBlanc is kind of like a store-brand version of Randy Wolf, when you really think about it. Cheaper, and you just hope it reminds you enough of the original when it was good.

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