Pirates Claim Tommy Field Off Waivers

The Pirates have announced they have claimed infielder Tommy Field off waivers from the Angels. Field, who was designated for assignment Thursday, has been optioned to Triple-A Indianapolis.

The 27-year-old has spent the entire season at Triple-A Salt Lake slashing .285/.351/.440 in 382 plate appearances. Defensively, he is primarily a shortstop, but has also seen time at second and third base for the Bees. Field did appear in 15 games with the Angels in 2013 posting a line of .154/.185/.154 over 27 plate appearances – his most extensive action since making his MLB debut with the Rockies in 2011 (.271/.314/.271 in 51 plate appearances).

The Pirates’ 40-man roster is now full.

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  1. bucsws2014 11 months ago

    Really? A guy who’s never had an XBH in his career? Kelly Johnson was available too. And Brian Roberts.

    • and both were either injured, or were terrible.

      • bucsws2014 11 months ago

        And Field isn’t terrible? Kelly Johnson played yesterday for BoSox. There is no metric you or anyone can provide that would suggest Field is an upgrade from KJ.

  2. ForTheLoveOfTheGame 11 months ago

    Tommy Field bringing the laser show to Pittsburgh!

  3. Scott 11 months ago

    Pirates blew it at the deadline…now trying to get lucky with these waiver claims. Gonna need a Morneau/Byrd type of trade

  4. jimmy streich 11 months ago

    This is it – the move that the GREAT Neal Huntington needed to put us over the top. Proving again he is the best GM in baseball

  5. Hurdled Again 11 months ago

    As expected, the post is full of yinzers’ comments about how the Pirates were too cheap to spend into debt and sell the farm to slightly increase very low chances of making the World Series. If you had any sense or understanding of the business of baseball competition, you’d realize the best is yet to come from the farm, and it will win championships for the Pirates. Every player on the team will be better next season or at least as good. And then there are still more talented players on their way. This is not yet the time. Next year may be.

    • mypoorbuccos 11 months ago

      THANK YOU. Everyone needs to take it easy. Why bemoan organizational depth?

      The future is still very bright. It’s the foolish GMs that sell out their vision to marginally increase their odds at a title this year.

      • bucsws2014 11 months ago

        Why are people making a leap from re-signing Morneau last winter (at the cost of ZERO prospects) to “selling out a vision” and “selling the farm”? There is absolutely no correlation.

        And to suggest adding Field adds anything… why wouldn’t you promote Rojas now, platoon him with Snider (whose defense has been exposed in LF). You’d be adding a SH bat with far more potential impact than Field (or Martinez) could add. You don’t run the risk of “ruining” Rojas as he’s only projected as a 4th OF anyway. And you’d never have a situation where Nix and Martinez (or Field) are in the lineup at the same time.

        Field is NOT the answer to any problem the Bucs have.

    • bucsws2014 11 months ago

      About your post…

      1. “Yinzers” & “selling the farm”. There is ONE comment here tied to being cheap, and with Morneau, it wouldn’t have cost a single prospect.
      2. “Best is yet to come from the farm.” Young pitchers regularly develop arm problems. There’s no 3b high in the system. Bell doesn’t arrive until 2016. It is unlikely Hanson exceeds Walker’s offense. If Meadows starts in OF before 2018, that would imply Bucs traded Cutch, so not an upgrade.
      3. “Every player on the team will be better next year.” Who will provide more offense and defense as catcher than Martin? What more can you reasonably expect from Cutch, Harrison, Walker, Melancon or Watson than you’re getting now?
      4. “This is not the time.” Yes it is. Bucs are likely to lose Martin. They’re certain to lose Liriano. The NL Central is well within reason. They’ve already beaten Dodgers 5-2 in the season series. They can handle Nats, Giants,
      Braves or Cardinals.
      5. “Next year may be.” Not only will they probably be without Martin and Liriano (and Volquez), but most other clubs except Philly will be improved (especially Mets, Cubs, Pads, Marlins). The Bucs do not play in a vacuum. Sure, they’ll be competitive. But this year offers a pretty clear path to the
      division lead once Cole, Cutch and Walker return.

  6. Makes sense if Walker is indeed headed to the DL. Certainly can’t be worse than Martinez.

  7. Ron Loreski 11 months ago

    Anyone has to be better than Michael Martinez.

    • wkkortas 11 months ago

      I don’t know about you, but I’d like my obituary to have a better highlight than being better than Michael Martinez.

  8. Luke Levi 11 months ago

    do the bucs have any infield talent in the minors????

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