Royals Claim Jayson Nix From Pirates

The Royals have claimed infielder Jayson Nix off waivers from the Pirates, Andy McCullough of the Kansas City Star tweets. Nix was designated for assignment by Pittsburgh on Monday.

Nix, 31, has bounced around a good deal this year, and will now join his fourth organization on the season. He brings plenty of positional versatility to the table, though his lifetime .214/.284/.347 triple-slash does not give much reason for significant expectations. On the year, Nix has slashed .133/.188/.173 in 82 big league plate appearances.

Kansas City will look to make use of Nix as a part of its September roster expansion plan, as McCullough tweets that the team may not even activate him until after the end of the month.

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  1. unclejesse40 11 months ago

    Veteran leadership for a playoff run? I just feel like Christian Colon is already doing this role and Pedro Ciriaco is hitting pretty well in AAA and plays all over the in field. But GMDM has turned some odd signings into wins so far this year so I won’t question it.

    • Melvin Mendoza, Jr. 11 months ago

      Veteran leadership is overrated when they contribute that little production. Teams would much rather have ballplayers than coaches taking up roster spots.

      • unclejesse40 11 months ago

        I am not disagreeing with you at all, I just know the type of moves that GMDM and Yost make, and this looks just like one of their veteran leadership guys.

      • Seth 11 months ago

        The Royals are what, the 2nd oldest team in baseball. If we are going to get veterans let’s get some better players out of them too. I don’t understand why Willingham isn’t playing more than he is.

  2. connfyoozed . 11 months ago

    Jayson Nix = this year’s John McDonald: the can’t-hit, can-field guy who bounces from team to team. It wasn’t a terrible idea for the Bucs to have claimed him, they needed a warm body in the infield for a few weeks. Not sure why the Royals need him, but despite his limitations he at least puts forth the effort.

  3. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 11 months ago

    Wow Nix manage to post an OPS+ of -22 with PIT, I didn’t even know OPS+ could drop below zero.

  4. Vandals Took The Handles 11 months ago

    Dalton Moore has put together the most exciting young team in MLB. He has done it on a low budget. He has left handers and right handers that pitch and hit. He has speed and athleticism as well as highest baseball IQ team….I watch at least 4 games a night and there has been no team inn MLB that has played as well as the Royals the past 6-8 weeks. He wants some more experienced veterans in the clubhouse to keep the younger players that have not been in the playoffs on an even keel.

    If Moore did this using statistics and playing up to the media what a genius he is, I think his moves would go over better. But as Rex and other’s have pointed out – all of Moore’s FO have scouting backgrounds. Moore is constantly telling his scouts, “get me BALLPLAYERS”. If Nix can help win one game being on the expanded roster, that might help to get them to the World Series.

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