Waiver Trade Notes: Hosmer, Maholm, Skaggs, O’s, A’s, D’backs, Castillo

As we explained yesterday, the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline does not spell the end of wheeling and dealing. Several teams are expected to continue shopping over the coming month as well. Here are some notes that relate to the upcoming August trade period:

  • Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer could miss much of the rest of the regular season with a stress fracture of his right hand, tweets Andy McCullough of the Kansas City Star. Though he is expected to avoid surgery, Hosmer could be out for up to six weeks. It would not be surprising to see the club look to add a first baseman to hold down the fort in his absence.
  • Paul Maholm of the Dodgers has suffered a torn ACL and will miss the rest of the season, Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times reports ( Twitter links). That only serves to increase the team’s need for rotation depth; though Maholm was operating out of the pen, he had been perhaps the likeliest option to step into a starting role if the struggling Dan Haren was demoted.
  • Angels hurler Tyler Skaggs left in the middle of a no-hit bid Thursday with a flexor tendon strain in his left forearm, as Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times explains. Skaggs has already been placed on the 15-day DL, and the team will surely exercise caution with the young starter, as forearm strains have been linked to more significant elbow injuries. Though the Halos can fill his spot in the immediate term by keeping Hector Santiago in the rotation, the injury leaves even more questions about the team’s overall starting pitching depth. With a two-month pennant race still to come, Los Angeles will likely take a hard look at the market for arms.
  • Before he was dealt to the Nationals, the Orioles made an effort to acquire Indians infielder Asdrubal Cabrera, reports Roch Kubatko of MASN.com. Presumably, Baltimore would have utilized him as the Nationals will, at second base, which indicates some likelihood of the club exploring an alternative over the coming month.
  • Similarly, the Athletics opened pre-deadline conversations with the Phillies regarding Jimmy Rollins, but talks did not progress, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports tweets. Like the O’s, the A’s could still be looking for a middle-infield addition.
  • After making several deadline deals, the Diamondbacks expect to have more work to do in the coming month, reports Zach Buchanan of the Arizona Republic. While he is not sure if any deals will be consummated, GM Kevin Towers says he anticipates that claims will be made on several players. Among the possible chips left in Arizona are second baseman Aaron Hill and several relievers, though Towers says it will take an “overpay” to pry loose any of the club’s pen arms, as Jack Magruder of FOX Sports Arizona reports.
  • The Red Sox remain interested in Cuban outfielder Rusney Castillo despite adding Yoenis Cespedes and Allen Craig at the trade deadline, reports WEEI.com’s Rob Bradford. While the club is expected to face stiff competition in the bidding, it just held a private workout for Castillo. If he goes to the non-contending Red Sox, it would certainly increase market demand for some of the pricey outfielders who stayed put at the deadline (such as Alex Rios of the Rangers and Marlon Byrd of the Phillies).

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  1. Charles 12 months ago

    As an O’s fan, I’d be interested in seeing what Philly would want for Utley. If they paid some of the salary and maybe wanted a middling prospect, I would do the deal. Second Base is definitely one of the needs right now. Schoop isn’t ready yet and Flaherty should only be used in case of emergencies or as a defensive replacement.

    • Knowing the Phillies, it’d cost Bundy+ and you’d have to take all the money.

    • Jeff_Todd_MLBTR 12 months ago

      Utley has more value than that, both to the Phillies and in reality. His deal has only $12MM in guaranteed money left (likely to become $17MM unless he misses time w a knee injury this year), then three years of vesting/club options that won’t be guaranteed if he is injured or doesn’t stay a starter (500 PA).

      EDIT to add … he’s been a 5-win player this year, and he’s been at least a well-above-average player since he stopped being an elite player. Contract ameliorates injury/age concerns. I think he has quite a bit of trade value, teams would love to have him (if he’d waive 10-5 rights).

      • griffey9988 12 months ago

        I agree that he has more value than people are giving him credit for, but he has his downsides as well. Even though he is having a very good year, he is also in his upper 30’s, and has not proven that he can stay healthy (prior to this year only played 130 games or more once over the past 4 seasons). The above commentor suggesting the O’s part with Harvey and Bundy plus another prospect is way too much. That would be more than the Rays got for David Price, although I understand it is tough to compare Price and Utley due to position differences and salary. If this kind of return is what the Phillies were asking for, no wonder they didn’t make any trades prior to the deadline.

        • Jeff_Todd_MLBTR 12 months ago

          Yeah that sounds like too much, but I could see a team giving up a fairly premium prospect for him. (Not that it seems likely he’ll be moved.)

    • Jeff Miller 12 months ago

      They’re not gonna give him up for a middling prospect. Would probably cost Bundy or Harvey and another prospect, especially if the Phillies are taking on money.

      • Both plus another prospect and no money.

        • Jeff Miller 12 months ago

          Probably Ruben’s starting point.

        • Jim Johnson 12 months ago

          There’s no chance that is what Utley gets. I can see Ruben asking for that, but that’s why he didn’t make any trades this past deadline.

          • flyerzfan12
            flyerzfan12 12 months ago

            That’s what the poster was getting at.

      • PSUOrioles 12 months ago

        I’m open to trading Bundy, but I would only do it for a top line starter like Sale. No way I trade him for Utley, even though I think he could definitely help the Os.

        • Jeff Miller 12 months ago

          I get that. Even if Utley decided to waive his NTC, got a feeling he wouldn’t clear waivers far enough to get to the Orioles.

          • Likely not since he’d have to go through the entire NL and most of the AL. I feel like the Dodgers would probably put a claim in.

          • peregrintook69 12 months ago

            Interesting that the Dodgers would given they don’t really need him much. I would suspect the Giants would be more inclined.

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan
        Lefty_Orioles_Fan 12 months ago

        David Price himself didn’t command such a price.
        Why would the O’s give up Bundy or Harvey for an aging injury prone second baseman, who has a big contract.
        N…O… No!

        • Jeff Miller 12 months ago

          Price got back 2 good, young big league players and a really good SS prospect. If he was moved for just prospects it would’ve cost Bundy and Harvey.

          I’m not saying it would happen, just what the cost should be for one the better 2B in the game.

        • peregrintook69 12 months ago

          Not a big contract for his value even with the injury concerns.

    • Bradley Cramer 12 months ago

      It’s not necessarily what Philly wants for Utley, it’s does Utley want to leave Philly. Utley is 10/5 player and can reject any trade and he has thus far shown no interest in leaving Philly.

      • peregrintook69 12 months ago

        This is the kicker, only a handful or so of teams don’t really need Utley (Tigers, Rays, Mariners, Astros, Red Sox, Dodgers, Twins) but yet he still has little interest in moving anywhere. The Orioles would be a great fit for him and he would still be, generally speaking, pretty close to Philadelphia but he seems to love Philly.

  2. Uncontrite 12 months ago

    I would love to see the sox make a run at Castillo, though I don’t see the pressing need. I guess if you get him coupled with an extension to Cespedes, move Allen Craig to 1B in 2016 then this could actually work out

    • stl_cards16 12 months ago

      Craig needs to be at 1B long-term for sure. I think trading Napoli and moving Craig to 1st would be best for the Sox.

      • start_wearing_purple
        start_wearing_purple 12 months ago

        I wouldn’t be shocked to see Nap getting shopped in the winter, but he’s a FA after next season so they might risk it.

    • Dustroia15 12 months ago

      Just an idea of how it could work with Castillo:

      Cespedes plays 130 in LF
      Castillo plays 110 in RF, 20 CF, SS?
      JBJ plays 130 in CF
      Craig plays 50 in RF, 40 1B, 25 DH
      Ortiz plays 135 at DH
      Holt plays 25 in LF, 10 CF, 15 SS, 70 3B
      Napoli plays 125 at 1B

      Also, keeps a strong lineup if you lose someone to an injury. Napoli and Ortiz potentially won’t be here past next year.

      • Uncontrite 12 months ago

        I’m not too worried about that problem, but that plan eliminates Victorino assuming he is still on the roster

        • I think its likely Victorino has played his last game with Boston

          • Dustroia15 12 months ago

            I think the OF rotation would be Castillo, Cespedes and 2 of JBJ, Betts, Nava and Victorino. The two out of the rotation get moved. Holt will also spend time in the OF.

          • Uncontrite 12 months ago

            Betts still needs more work at AAA, Nava has struggled, and Vic and Cespedes are injury prone, JBJ, Holt, Cespedes, Vic, and Castillo should be plenty of depth with Betts as an emergency option in AAA, or trade Vic and put Nava in AAA as well.

          • Nava’s actually hit pretty well since his June call-up. He was at the mendoza line during his inital demotion, but he’s now at .251

          • Uncontrite 12 months ago

            Wow did not realize that, but even so, if Nava is no more than depth there is no way Vic would accept a demotion for that

      • phil mitchell 12 months ago

        Are you going to tell oritz he is on the bench for 27 games a year?

        • Dustroia15 12 months ago

          He will probably play about 150 last year, about 135 last year and 90 the year before. He will be 39 years old. I was just putting reasonable estimates in. Someone is bound to get hurt as well.

  3. meep 12 months ago

    dodgers really need pitching help. i hope they can find some

    • peregrintook69 12 months ago

      Ryu, Greinke, Kershaw, and Beckett (being league average) is helping make that issue pretty minor and in the playoffs that amounts to two starts for Beckett, best case scenario. Yes they could use a piece to plug up that Haren size whole the rest of the way to the postseason but they don’t need it that bad. I’m glad that NC didn’t part with the big three prospects for any pitching upgrade like Lester or Price because Ryu would then be pushed to the #4 spot in the playoffs and the upgrade there is minimal. I just wish he could have gotten Colon or something to at least plug up the #5 spot.

  4. Out of place Met fan 12 months ago

    Colon to highest bidder in August

    • kdub53 12 months ago

      Nice. Along with any other 3-4 type starters from non contending teams. Pitchers are getting hurt left and right!

  5. 108 stitches 12 months ago

    Michael Carp to the Royals….just makes way to much sense given the 6 weeks of regular at bats. The Royals might find out the have a decent power hitter….or not, but worth a shot I would think. Any guesses on who might block a waiver claim by KC?

  6. peregrintook69 12 months ago

    He’s getting $13.5 million a year and he’s been a borderline HoF his whole career thus far. I don’t understand why people still think so little of him, yes he gets injured but so does Tulowitzki and he’s the most valuable shortstop in MLB.

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