Yankees Notes: Robertson, Ackley, Prado

The Yankees bullpen has emerged from Mariano Rivera‘s shadow to carve out their own place, writes Tyler Kepner of the New York Times. “Those two guys, they are amazing,” catcher Francisco Cervelli said of Dellin Betances and David Robertson. “If they’re facing, in the seventh or eighth, a guy throwing 100, and then Robertson comes in at 91 with cutters and curveballs, it’s difficult timing.”  More on the Bombers..

  • Before acquiring Martin Prado from the Diamondbacks on Thursday, the Yankees inquired about the Mariners’ Dustin Ackley, according to George A. King III of the New York Post.  However, those talks ended when the M’s asked for minor league right-hander Bryan Mitchell because the Yankees view the 23-year-old right-hander as a rotation candidate either this year or next.
  • Robertson continues to lock up saves and Yankees GM Brian Cashman should lock up the closer, writes Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News.  The Yankees broke their long-standing rule of not extending players beyond their current contracts when they inked Brett Gardner to a four-year, $52MM deal during spring training and that’s looking like a smart move now.  Now that Robertson has proven himself to be a strong closer, the Bombers should make sure he’s there for the long haul.
  • The Yankees‘ acquisition of Prado means that they can be more patient in getting Carlos Beltran back from injury, writes Roger Rubin of the Daily News.

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  1. AmericanMovieFan 12 months ago

    Robertson is already making $5MM. I’d give him 3 years/$24MM with a $10MM option/$1MM buy out, but nothing beyond that. There’s only one Sandman.

    • Disqus0011a 12 months ago

      I’d ink him to friendly deal trade him or Betances in the offseason. Yankees have little in the way of prospects that they can use in trade to acquire big pieces, but a team eying contention without a solid bullpen would give up a lot for one of those guys. You might be able to get a big major league upgrade or a boatload of farm guys. Maybe package one of them with Gardner and a couple of low level prospects for a frontline starter or a young, middle-of-the-order bat.

      • John Lauro 12 months ago

        Obviously you are not a Yankees fan. Also Cashman must go. Why would he pay 25 million for Prado, an obvious salary dump, and give up a very good catching prospect with enormous power potential..I guess for the same reason he gave Ichiro 16 ,million 2 years ago. Mets sure are lucky to have Alderson in charge.

        • Victoria Roberts 12 months ago

          I think Mets fans would beg to differ.

        • Disqus0011a 12 months ago

          Obviously you’d be wrong. Yankees need big time players to contend, and there’s not a ton of good ones on the FA market this offseason, meaning they’ll need trades. Unfortunately, their prospects alone will not get them big league talent, so they’ll have to give up players on the big league roster. Gardner, Betances and Robertson seem to have the most value and are the most expendable (since they already have Ellsbury and assuming they keep one of the two pitchers).

        • JacobyWanKenobi 12 months ago

          Because the team needed versatility for this year and next year. While O’brien had nice power numbers, his high K total, low average, and positional uncertainty made him less of a sure thing to translate to the higher levels, so saying he’s a very good prospect is a little much.

        • Yankeeboy11 12 months ago

          Wasn’t it management above Cashman that wanted to give Ichiro that contract ? And sure Peter has great power but he wasn’t gonna play catcher, he would’ve been at 1st or the OF. He looks like he’s gonna be Adam Dunn. Power and Strikeouts

        • Joshua A. Herzog 12 months ago

          He gave up the “catching” prospect because a) he mostly plays first base b) McCann is signed through 2018 with an option in 2019. c) Austine Romine, John Ryan Murphy, Gary Sanchez.
          I think without giving away much of anything, Cash did a pretty good job. Prado will make $11M each of the next 2 seasons, and is an insurance policy if Headley doesn’t want to sign with NY.

        • LazerTown 12 months ago

          And you must not know anything about O’brien. He is not a long term catcher, he is a 1B/RF player. Sure he has tons power, but that is not everything.

        • jjs91 12 months ago

          “and give up a very good catching prospect with enormous power potentia;” Because he isn’t a catching prospect?

    • NOLASoxFan 12 months ago

      You’re dreaming. The Yankees gave Soriano $10.5M just to set up a few years ago. They’ll be paying Robertson a lot more than 3/$24M.

      • Disqus0011a 12 months ago

        True, now that he’s shown his capabilities at closer. The time to have locked him into a favorable deal would have been last offseason before he proved himself in the role.

      • Bob Bunker 12 months ago

        Closers aren’t getting as much as they used to exactly because guys like Bentances and D-Rob have shown over and over young guys with heat can close easily.

      • Lionel Bossman Craft 12 months ago

        The Cubs were paying the majority of Soriano’s salary.

        • NOLASoxFan 12 months ago

          We’re talking about a reliever. You’re talking about an outfielder.

  2. docmilo5 12 months ago

    Zduriencik is just unreasonable. You can’t deal with the man. He’s the worst GM in the game. 😀 Attaboy Jack!

    • Ace2095 12 months ago

      Not even close

    • Tony Matias 12 months ago

      Ackley 2 months ago — Yes. Ackley the last month NO!!

    • MB923 12 months ago

      I think many, maybe including myself, would say RAJ is worse.

      Be thankful the Yankees even turned that down and that you got Austin Jackson basically as a swap for Nick Franklin.

    • Scott Goin 12 months ago

      I don’t know much about Mitchell but his numbers the past few years are pretty unimpressive. Unless something has clicked recently and he’s suddenly gained control of his stuff, I can’t see how he would be the key to any trade. More like a throw in for rotation depth.

      Obviously this wasn’t leaked by Seattle so maybe the Yankees have some sort of agenda by letting this out.

  3. Rocky 12 months ago

    I’d ink Robertson now. I love the scenario of a Betances/Robertson
    one two-punch, or a Robertson/Betances one-two punch for years to come. It
    brings back memories of the Rivera/Wetteland year. For all practical purposes, if we are ahead after seven innings, it effectively makes it a 7 inning game. And, if we decide to trade one of them in order to pick up somebody like Troy Tulowitzki, then there will be free agents out there at the end of the year, like maybe Rafael Soriano, if he doesn’t resign with Washington. Remember him, the guy who was certain to be the Sandman’s replacement?

    • LazerTown 12 months ago

      If the Rockies are trading Tulo, then I have a hard time seeing them wanting a closer as the headline of the deal.

      • Lionel Bossman Craft 12 months ago

        Betances was originally a starter, he just needs to be stretched out. He started the year as a long man but his main asset is the 5 years left of control a team would have him for.

        • NOLASoxFan 12 months ago

          There is a very long list of successful relievers who “just needed to be stretched out” and who ended up needing a whole lot more…

          • Lionel Bossman Craft 12 months ago

            This is Betances first year ever being used primarily as a reliever…

  4. Yankeefanatic113 12 months ago

    I’d give him 5yr/$45,000,000 because our strongest aspect is the bullpen. And so to keep it strong we need Robertson to stay in the closer role. It’s best for the team.

    • SFGiantsfan_10 12 months ago

      That’s too much money for a closer. Even with the Yankees limitless pockets, 9 million a year is too much (in my opinion) for a reliever, even one as good as Robertson.

      My reasoning is, most relievers pitch 1 MAYBE 2 innings a game, and they don’t go out there every game (esp. a closer, who only comes in for save situations, which I personally find stupid, but that’s a different argument).
      That money could be better allocated towards a mid-to back end rotation arm this offseason, considering the doubt surrounding Sabathia and the relative weakness of the rotation, sans Tanaka, of course. But he could be out for a big chunk of next season as well, giving the Yankees all the more reason to let Robertson walk if he demands that kind of money.

      And I still think the Yankees will have a strong bullpen if Robertson walks. Sign a late-inning reliever that can pitch the 8th or 9th if you’re really that worried about a Robertson-less bullpen, and have Betances pitch the other inning.

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