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Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Dodgers, Nationals, Rasmus

On this date back in 1988, a hobbling Kirk Gibson pinch hit for reliever Alejandro Pena with two outs in the bottom of the ninth and the Dodgers down by one to the Athletics in Game One of the World Series. Dennis Eckersley, who finished second in the Cy Young voting that year, recorded two quick outs before walking the light hitting Mike Davis (.196/.260/.270 that year) in front of Gibson. You all know what happened next. Gibson battled Eck for six pitches before the Oakland reliever finally hung a slider, a pitch that resulted in one of the most famous home runs in World Series history.

Injuries limited Gibson to just that one plate appearance in the Fall Classic, which the Dodgers went on to win four games to one. Joe Posnanski ranked Jack Buck's and Vin Scully's call of the play the fifth greatest in sports history. These links might not be all-time greats, but they're still the best from the past week of the internet…

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Pirates Notes: Vazquez, Tabata, Alvarez

Let's check out some Pirates-related tidbits courtesy of MLB.com's Jenifer Langosch..

  • With Ramon Vazquez on the trading block, Langosch stresses that any talk of him being Texas-bound is merely conjecture at this point.  Furthermore, if they do move him, they are unlikely to get much back and may have to eat some of his $2MM salary.  However, Pittsburgh might be willing to move the 33-year-old for next to nothing.
  • One reader asks if the Pirates are considering locking up their young prospects, like Milwaukee did with Ryan Braun or like Tampa Bay did with Evan Longoria.  Langosch says that the Pirates will wait until players like Jose Tabata, Brad Lincoln, and Pedro Alvarez establish themselves in the majors to open up discussions.
  • Speaking of Alvarez, Langosch expects the Pirates to hold off on bringing him up to the big leagues.  Pittsburgh delayed Andrew McCutchen's promotion last season in order to give him more seasoning in the minors and, in all likelihood, to extend his time under team control.

Odds And Ends: Wagner, Peavy, Melhuse

Some links for Wednesday morning…

  • Billy Wagner says he could be pitching in the majors within 30 days, according to Adam Rubin of the New York Daily News. If he returns in mid-July, the Mets would have time to evaluate Wagner before deciding whether to acquire more arms via trade.
  • The Royals signed ten of their draft picks, according to MLB.com's Rustin Dodd.
  • Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post reports that Evan Longoria never wonders what it would be like to play for the Rockies. Colorado, who selected Greg Reynolds instead of Longoria back in 2006, has probably wondered what it would be like to have Longoria.
  • Tim Sullivan of the San Diego Union-Tribune says the Padres have an insurance policy in place that would potentially recoup money for the team should Jake Peavy miss much time. The details aren't clear, as GM Kevin Towers hasn't looked at the policy yet.
  • Rob Biertempfel of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that catcher Adam Melhuse retired. He had been playing for the Pirates' Triple A affiliate.
  • Carlos Quentin has had second thoughts about his decision to turn down an extension from the White Sox, according to Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times 

Odds And Ends: Hinch, Manny, Longoria

Links for Friday…

Odds and Ends: Iguchi, Varitek, Bonds

Linkage for Thursday…

Odds and Ends: Ibanez, Dunn, Blake, Stewart

Let’s kick off the morning with some random links.

Odds and Ends: Bedard, Teixeira, Longoria, Durham

Rounding up today’s links…

Odds And Ends II: Longoria, Manny, Giambi, Tejada

Rumors are a bit sparse today…this should be expected in the weeks and month to come. So here are a few articles for your afternoon reading.

  • Sabernomics takes a look at the economics of the Evan Longoria deal.
  • Tom Verducci puts Manny Ramirez in historical perspective. ‘Ducc thinks that Manny is better than some of us give him credit for. Which is difficult, because you have to give him all the credit in the world (at the dish, at least).
  • Rob Neyer (subscription required) talks about the Yankees releasing Jason Giambi. He links to an article saying that Giambi simply cannot hit power pitchers anymore. Unfortunately, that idea is bunk, according to SG of Replacement Level.
  • Keith Law (also subscription) has some thoughts on the Miguel Tejada age situation. I’m just wondering that with the way ESPN handled this, aren’t they closing doors to other interviews? If I was a past steroid user, I’d definitely be wary of an interview request from ESPN.

Posted by Joe Pawlikowski, who writes for River Ave. Blues, a Yankees blog.

Odds and Ends: Klesko, Street, Davis

I’ve got a slew of links for you.

Odds and Ends: Hatteberg, Colon, Longoria

And now for more Odds and Ends around the league:

  • In his latest "Full Count" audio piece at Fox Sports, Ken Rosenthal expects the Reds to do some roster shuffling that could come down to trades.  Scott Hatteberg has become "expendable" with the recent emergence of Joey Votto and by the fact that the Reds have too many lefty hitters.
  • Cork Gaines latest Baseball Blogs Weigh In delved into the Evan Longoria signing.  To add to that, Ken Rosenthal, also in his Full Count piece, notes favorably that Longoria has set himself for life without having to establish himself and that his payday will come at age 31, still in time for a 4-5 year deal.
  • The Boston Herald’s reporting Bartolo Colon could opt to leave the Red Sox if he’s not in the bigs by May 1st. Manager Terry Francona hopes he will "forego the decision for a while (most likely until May 15)."  With a recent setback being the reason he’s not in the majors, I don’t see him going anywhere just yet.
  • An amusing quote from columnist John Mehno of the Beaver County Times on whether the Pirates can be expected to lock up any of its young talent: "Given the lack of can’t-miss prospects in the system, Pirates rookies intent on becoming instant millionaires should probably keep buying lottery tickets."

By Nat Boyle