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Heyman’s Latest: Bowden, Helton, Maddux, K-Rod

Let’s take a look at the latest from’s Jon Heyman.

  • Despite the headline "Nats GM in trouble," Heyman says Jim Bowden has the support of his bosses.  They do not blame him for Aaron Crow and are not concerned with his possible connection to the scout skimming scandal.
  • Heyman suggests the Rockies could shop first baseman Todd Helton this winter if he demonstrates a healthy back in September.  Here’s the thing – if Helton was a free agent and you had to give him a three-year deal, what would you pay?  $5MM a year maybe?  Are the Rockies going to eat $40MM?  Helton might have to be swapped for another bad contract.
  • Heyman sees Ryan Dempster getting four years and $48MM, and Oliver Perez snagging $60MM over five.  Are they worth that?
  • People close to Greg Maddux are saying he wants to pitch next year.  Heyman also sees John Smoltz and Tom Glavine back in ’09.
  • "Some are expecting" the Reds to be big players in free agency this year.  The Reds figure to be in the market for catching and outfield help.  Manny Ramirez would be interesting.
  • Heyman wonders if the Mets will be players for Francisco Rodriguez this winter.

Baseball Blogs Weigh In: O’s. Holliday, Glavine, Maddux, Cardinals, Jeter

A few notes on from around the baseball Blogospehere…

Cork Gaines writes for and can be reached here.

Dodgers Acquire Maddux

11:51am: Tony Jackson says the Padres will pay about $1.3MM of Maddux’s remaining salary, with the Dodgers taking on $900K.

WEDNESDAY, 8:43am: Tom Krasovic has more.  The Phillies apparently offered a better package for Maddux earlier this year, but he would not approve a trade there.  So the Dodgers will pay a significant amount of Maddux’s remaining salary and the Padres will choose two low-level minor leaguers from a list by October 15th.  They wanted James McDonald or Scott Elbert but the Dodgers wouldn’t do it.

8:52pm: Paul DePodesta weighs in on the Maddux trade.  He mentions in the comments that the Padres want players as opposed to cash considerations.

4:28pm: The deal is done, for two minor league players to be named later or cash considerations.  Still not sure how Maddux’s remaining salary will be split.

TUESDAY, 8:42am: The L.A. Times says Maddux has been traded for two players to be named later.  The Dodgers will pay at least part of Maddux’s remaining Maddux’s remaining $2.35MM.  Keith Law says the deal makes sense for both sides.

MONDAY, 11:25pm: The AP is now saying an agreement has been reached and the trade will be announced Tuesday.  ESPN’s Rob Neyer wonders if one motive for the Dodgers is to save keep Clayton Kershaw‘s innings down.

9:50pm: Through a team spokesman, GM Ned Colletti said a deal is not done.  The L.A. Times still says an agreement has been reached, while the L.A. Daily News says they’ve agreed in principle but the deal has not been finalized. 

8:31pm: Tony Jackson of the L.A. Daily News says the Dodgers and Padres are actively engaged in talks for Maddux, but isn’t sure how far along the discussions are.

8:09pm: According to Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times, the Dodgers have acquired Greg Maddux from the Padres.  Further details are not yet known.  The Dodgers had been looking for starting pitching, since they’re not counting on much from Brad Penny.

Dodgers In Market For Pitching

10:36am: Jackson has an article up, and takes a more definitive stance in saying the Dodgers are looking for a starter and remain interested in Maddux.  Ned Colletti apparently has conversations going regarding players who would need to clear waivers.  23 year-old prospect James McDonald is a strong in-house candidate if the Dodgers want to go that way.

9:34am: Tony Jackson of the L.A. Daily News talked to Dodgers manager Joe Torre, who does not expect much from Brad Penny for the rest of the season (he may return as a reliever, though).  Torre hinted that he would like a starting pitcher to be acquired if it’d improve upon the current fifth starter candidates, Eric Stults and Jason Johnson.

Jackson hasn’t heard anything new on the Greg Maddux front.  As you may recall, Maddux was said to have cleared waivers according to ESPN’s Peter Gammons.  The teams were not able to work out a trade earlier this month, because the Dodgers wanted the Padres to pay roughly 83% of Maddux’s remaining salary.  That amounted to $2.5MM for the Dodgers back then; now it’s about $1.95MM.

The Dodgers are in a dead heat for first place in the NL West, so every win is crucial.  Last year they were willing to take on $8MM for a massive question mark in Esteban Loaiza, but this year they’re trying to keep deals payroll-neutral.

Players Who Cleared Waivers

I will make this post a permanent sidebar link.  This is a running list of players who have cleared waivers, based on published reports.  Once a player clears waivers, he can be traded to any team (barring a no-trade clause).

Updated 8-25-08 at 9:00am.  Latest to clear in red.

  • Paul Byrd – Byrd cleared waivers, but then was traded to the Red Sox.  They were the only team willing to pay his remaining $2MM.
  • Frank Catalanotto – Catalanotto, 34, is hitting .272/.337/.389 in 267 plate appearances.  He’s played first base and left field this year.  He’s not helpful against lefthanded pitching.  His contract is a problem – $765K this year, $4MM in ’09, and a $2MM buyout in ’10.
  • Eric GagneGagne has been awful this year, as his walks and home runs skyrocketed and he dealt with rotator cuff tendinitis.  Understandably, no one wanted to pay the $2.15MM remaining on his contract.
  • Aubrey Huff – Huff’s .909 OPS ranks 10th in the league, but surprisingly no team wanted to take on his $10.1MM commitment through ’09.
  • Mark Kotsay – Ken Rosenthal says he cleared and a number of teams are interested.  Kotsay clearing is a bit of a surprise since the A’s are paying most of his salary.  Kotsay can block trades to eight teams.  The center fielder is having a nice comeback season with a .782 OPS in 324 plate appearances.
  • Greg MadduxMaddux is earning $10MM this year and will only accept a trade to a West Coast team.  The Dodgers wanted him but asked the Padres to pay more than 80% of his remaining salary according to Peter Gammons.
  • Kevin Millar – Millar has been OK this year; he may reach 20 home runs.  He is owed about $710K from here on out.
  • Kevin Millwood – Millwood, 33, has a 5.24 ERA in 122 innings this year.  He’s dealt with a groin injury for much of the season, as well as a hamstring issue in spring.  Millwood will earn another $1.6MM this year and $11MM in ’09.  His 2010 salary of $12MM becomes a club option unless he pitches 180 innings in ’09.
  • Melvin Mora – Mora has raised his numbers and stock significantly by hitting .378/.421/.652 since the beginning of July.  He has a full no-trade clause and is owed $9MM next year and $1.79MM more this year.
  • Vicente Padilla – Padilla, 31 in September, has a 4.98 ERA in 148.1 innings.  Home runs have been his main problem.  He spent time on the DL with a strained neck.  He’ll earn another $2.1MM this year and $12MM in ’09.  He has a $12MM club option for ’10 with a $1.75MM buyout.
  • Jay Payton – Payton is the O’s regular center fielder with Adam Jones out for the season.  He is owed $1.3MM for the rest of the season.  He’s been lousy offensively, though he can hit lefties and play all three outfield positions.
  • David Riske – Riske is owed $860K more this year, $4.25MM in ’09, and $4.5MM in ’10 plus a $250K buyout for a total of almost $10MM.  Walks have been a problem this year, as well as elbow pain.
  • Dave Ross – Ross had cleared waivers prior to being designated for assignment.  He is earning $2.525MM this year.
  • Duaner Sanchez – His velocity is down 3.6 mph from ’06.  Sanchez is under team control through ’09.
  • Scott Schoeneweis – His strikeout rate is down, but so is his ERA.  Apparently no team wanted to risk taking on his contract – $910K more this year, $3.6MM in ’09.
  • Gary Sheffield – No surprise here. Sheff is owed around $17.5 million between this year and next.
  • Jamie Walker – The 37 year-old southpaw has a 5.00 ERA in 27 innings this year.  As usual, home runs have been a problem.  He spent time on the DL with elbow inflammation and is set to earn $4.5MM next year.
  • David Weathers – Weathers is owed only $610K on the season, and he has a 2.52 ERA and 2.78 K/BB since the beginning of June.  I am quite surprised he cleared waivers.

Odds and Ends: Livan, Maddux, Meredith, Fielder

Here are today’s links.

Keith Law’s Latest: Players On The Move

Keith Law drops some science on some big name players that could still be on the move if they clear waivers. To wit:

Paul Byrd: Law argues that Byrd would be better served pitching in the National League where a "finesse" hurler like him would have an easier time. Byrd was a Type B free agent in 2007, which means he could slip to non-compensation status this year, an incentive for the Indians to try and trade him if he clears waivers.

Greg Maddux: The Bulldog will only waive his no-trade clause for a team on the West Coast, meaning it’s the Dodgers or the Dodgers. The Padres tried to make a deal with L.A. prior to the deadline, but it fell through.

Andruw Jones/Juan Pierre: Speaking of the Dodgers, Law thinks that both Pierre and Jones would sail through waivers due to their hefty salaries and bad performance at the plate.

Aubrey Huff: Ditto for Huff, who’s owed more than $10MM between now and the end of his contract in 2009.

Law makes the case that Brian Fuentes and Adam Dunn would not clear waivers. It’s no secret Fuentes was one of the most coveted relievers before the deadline, but the Rockies were holding out for the perfect offer that never came (never mind that they’re showing signs of life in a mediocre NL West).

Dunn should still draw interest from teams looking for a corner outfielder that can hit .385/.550, argues Law, and a direct rival could place a claim on Dunn to make sure other contending teams don’t.

Alejandro A. Leal writes for Post-deadline rumors? Comments? alexo05 [at] umpbump [daught] com.

Odds And Ends: Giants, Maddux, Grudzielanek, Arias

A few post-deadline notes from the MLBiverse…

  • Brian Sabean is confident that he will be able to sneak some of his veteran players (Rich Aurilia, Omar Vizquel, Randy Winn, Bengie Molina, etc.) through waivers in the coming month for the purpose of making a trade. Chris Haft feels that the large number of teams remaining in contention will make that very difficult.
  • Kevin Towers does not sound optimistic about the possibility of trading Greg Maddux in the next month noting that such a move would be "dicier" and any trade would still require the Dodgers to "step up and give us the prospect package [the Padres want]."
  • Bob Dutton reports that the Royals will still try to move Mark Grudzielanek.
  • The Astros claimed relief pitcher Alberto Arias off waivers from the Rockies. Arias had been DFA’d on Tuesday and the Astros will send him to triple-A.

Cork Gaines writes for and can be reached here .

Greg Maddux Rumors: Thursday

1:50pm: Jayson Stark says Maddux is not heading to L.A., which means he won’t be traded.

7:07am: ESPN’s Buster Olney says trade talks for Greg Maddux have stalled between the Dodgers and Padres.  The Dodgers have mild interest and all the leverage as the only West Coast contender who will consider him.  It’s unclear whether the disagreement is over the $3.3MM owed to Maddux, possible prospects involved, or both.

Olney believes The Professor could be put on waivers on August if no deal is reached today.

Dodgers Interested In Maddux, Byrd

9:28pm: Rosenthal says Maddux’s salary may pose a problem – the Dodgers don’t want to take it on while the Padres want to shed it.  He’s still owed about $3.3MM.

5:28pm: The Dodgers have their eye on Greg Maddux as well, according to Buster Olney.  Names are being exchanged.

3:43pm: From Ken Davidoff of Newsday:

The Indians are likely to trade starting pitcher Paul Byrd, with the Dodgers among the reported suitors.

The interest is surprising; the Dodgers were not thought to be after starting pitching.  Byrd has about $2.7MM left on his contract and carries a 4.93 ERA in 20 starts.