Cardinals Nearing Huge Trade

I’ve got a source near the Cardinals organization telling me "something big is happening."  Apparently, all company employees have received a memo threatening termination if any information is disclosed.  Luckily, I’m not employed by the Cardinals, so I’m free to gossip. 

I dropped a line to Lboros over at Viva El Birdos, a blogger who has a finger on the pulse of the team.  Lboros had an intriguing list of trade rumors and possible signings that have presented themselves within the past few weeks:

Acquisition of Bobby Abreu.  It is known that Abreu is on the trading block, although the asking price is sky high.  It would be hard to imagine a deal getting done without Major League-ready pitching prospect Anthony Reyes included in the deal.

Trade for Ken Griffey Jr.  Lboros speculates that Jason Marquis could be shipped to Cincinnati for Junior.  Given Griffey’s terrible defense in recent years, a move to a corner would make a ton of sense.  The Reds are desperately trying to acquire young pitching, although Marquis will become a free agent after 2006.

Jim Edmonds traded to Yankees for Robinson Cano and Chien-Ming Wang.  Sure, it’s a staggering idea at first.  Considering defense, Edmonds is still unquestionably the best center fielder in baseball even at age 35.  He’s under contract for $12MM in 2006, and the Cards do have a need for a second baseman and a cheap young starter.  Before you call me a crazy, evil Rumor Monger (that’s a half-truth), remember that St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz originated the rumor.

A.J Burnett signing.  This one is considered the most plausible by the Cardinal faithful, and Walt Jocketty’s wooing of Burnett is well-known.  Burnett’s agent stated yesterday that a deal could be "one phone call away."  Jocketty doesn’t seem like the type to go to five years, $65MM for a starter, but he has to be considering it.     


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