Replacing Derrek Lee

The Cubs have plenty of external options to replace their All-Star first baseman.  Still, IvyChat makes a fine point: Jim Hendry has very rarely made trades to cover for injuries (see Nomar, Alex Gonzalez.)  Then again, there was one exception (quote from IvyChat):

"What’s ironic is that the only reason Hendry received the contract extension was due to a trade he made to fill in for an injury. If not for Korey Patterson‘s injury, the Cubs win nothing in 2003."

Link found via Baseball Musings.

RotoWorld adds that Michael Restovich was out of Triple A Iowa’s lineup last night, a possible indication that he will take Lee’s roster spot.

The Cubs are probably going to solve this one internally, a move that should cost them 2-3 wins this season.  While I liked the Cubs to win the division (I’m an eternal optimist) I didn’t like them to win it by more than three games.  And the three wins number assumes Lee misses just two months and returns as an All-Star, no sure thing.

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