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Just read the latest Barry Zito article, wherein Zito agreed with former teammates Johnny Damon and Jason Giambi that he would thrive in New York.  He declined to pick a favorite NY team, however.  At this point, it’s pretty clear that Minaya and Cashman are going to go toe to toe for his services this winter, and it’ll be pretty entertaining.  The rumormongering will be ridiculous.

The losing team will probably end up with Jason Schmidt, Kerry Wood, Kelvim Escobar, Andy Pettitte, or Mark Mulder.  I think the first four will have fine seasons, but I’m not so sure about Mulder.

I know this has been said before, probably by many of our friends at Athletics Nation.  But now I’m on board: I do not think Zito will be dealt this season.  Don’t worry, I’ll still pass along any decent rumor that comes my way. 

The A’s were in a semi-rebuilding mode when they traded Hudson and Mulder.  They stayed in the playoff hunt, but they weren’t the team they are now.  The 2006 A’s are built to win and not rebuild at all.  Hence, the Thomas and Loaiza signings.  In my mind, the chances that Beane finds another Dan Haren available this July are slim.  It would be like the Phils trading Ryan Madson plus a top prospect, or the Twins giving up Scott Baker and a top prospect.  The White Sox giving up Brandon McCarthy.  Jocketty sending Anthony Reyes over.  None of these "young stud with Major League experience" scenarios sound feasible.  The A’s will just let Zito play out his last season as they have with many impending free agents in the past.

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