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White Sox Content With Current Team

I recently spoke with my best White Sox source.  There's nothing terribly exciting brewing with the club right now:

The Sox are content with their personnel this year, even more than a year ago.  They're happy with their depth and probably will not make any major deals before the deadline (ie, Andruw Jones is highly unlikely).

If they are to make a small trade, the White Sox match up well with sabermetric-type teams.  Kenny Williams has made minor but helpful trades recently with Boston (David Riske) and Arizona (Alex Cintron).  (And of course another not-so-small trade with Josh Byrnes for Javier Vazquez).  It wouldn't be surprising to see another small trade with that type of club.  Chicago has been middle of the pack as far as relievers' ERA, so the 'pen may have room for upgrade.

On an unrelated note, my source also indicated that the Dodgers are "kicking a lot of tires right now" and may acquire bullpen help this week.


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Good to see some of these ridiculous Andruw trade rumors going down. HE IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE! The Braves are surging right now and the mets losing 6 of 7 has really helped (especially the embarrassing loss last night). The Braves will be in contention this year and once Kyle Davies, Mike Hampton, Blaine Boyer, Kelly Johnson, and John Foster are back they'll be in much better shape.

As a partial Chi-SoX fan, I'm glad to see KW reaffirm his confidence in Brian Anderson. I'm confident though that the SoX will be buyers but it will be for a right-handed setupman not OF help. As for the Braves trading Andruw, they better get a kings ransom for that guy....

I don't think anyone is trading for him. He is willing to give a discount to stay in Atlanta his next contract and not many teams have enough to get him who really need him. This guys is one of, if not the most complete players in the majors and there would be a lot of MLB-ready prospects that they would have to give up.

Kenny Williams excels at such an "under the radar" statement.

It wouldn't surprise me if the White Sox make a mid to major move at the deadline, possibly for a fourth outfielder with defense. Ozuna and Mackowiak are good hitters, but their outfield defense is suspect, especially when both in the field at the same time.

The bullpen will be upgraded. Cliff Politte's performance will lead him to be sent down or released, and Brandon McCarthy's last few appearences hve some cause for worry. Maybe the Sox will add 2 arms and give McCarthy some starts in AAA to get his game back.

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