Ramirez and Cubs Close?

I am hearing from emailers that George Ofman of WSCR The Score out of Chicago is reporting that Cubs sources indicate the team is close to a deal with Aramis Ramirez.  Word is that it is for five years and a little over $14MM per year.

Also, while we’re on the topic, check out Fire Joe Morgan’s latest.  It’s time intelligent people start fighting back against the whole Ramirez laziness thing with, I don’t know, some logic or stats or something. 

And I must say I absolutely loathe the whole "well, we won/lost with this player on the team, so we should keep/get rid of him solely for that reason."  Come on now.  That logic is the basis of a million bad decisions.  Hey, the Devil Rays lost 101 games with Scott Kazmir in the rotation.  They should cut him.  The Cardinals won the World Series in a season in which they gave Aaron Miles 426 ABs?  They should sign him to a three-year deal.

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