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Gotham On Penny, Harden, Brian Roberts

Gotham Baseball's Mark Healey checks in with an interesting rumor mill.

The Mets have been linked to Brad Penny, who is now a hot trade commodity since the Jason Schmidt signing.  Penny started the All-Star Game, but he also posted a 6.25 ERA in the second half.

The Reds have interest in Rodrigo Lopez.  He's OK, but I can see the Reds overpaying.  Speaking of Lopez, the Royals are having heated discussions about him.  KC is on the way to crafting a slightly less laughable rotation.

The Twins are all over Steve Trachsel for a two-year pact. 

The Florida clubs are tossing around a Baldelli/Yusmeiro Petit + prospect type deal.  I don't see the Fish getting Baldelli without breaking up their rotation, personally.


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Penny? The guys record at shea is horrendous.

Why would the Twins want Trachsel? That guy was terrible in the NL.

'The Twins are all over Steve Trachsel for a two-year pact.'

God help the Twins.

Warning Trax was shot in 2006! He pitched in the NL, in a pitcher's park, with a nice defense behind him, got lucky (according to FIP) and STILL posted a 5 ERA.

Who would the Mets offer for Penny?

Valentin ??? ha

The Dodgers want Duaner Sanchez back?

What Harden rumor?

Braves trade Horacio Ramirez to the Mariners for Soriano.


I dont know who the mets would offer for Penny, nor do i care. I dont really want Penny

Petit for Baldelli? ugh. The Rays would be better off trading Baldelli for $1

Pettit will be a good 3. I wonder what the prospect is. Has to be Thompson or another top prospect like him. But, I cant see them going that cheap for him. That would be great

Baldelli for Petit. What the hell is that. If that happens, Friedman should be fired on the spot. That tells me that he does not want to win. He is making us Devil Ray fans very angry and making fans reallly not want to come to their games. This P-Brain Andy Friedman should steal a trade like Elijah Dukes or Upton for Olsen, Nolasco, or Johnson that I can understand but this Baldelli for Petit rumor what an idiot. When I see Friedman on TV or devilrays.com, I want to punch him in the face. I don't like him what so ever. Freidman and Bruce Allen are on my hit list. I heard Kazmir might get an extension, if he does, Friedman will find a way to deal him next year for junk; just like what they are doing to Baldelli and Crawford. Why do you give players long term extension then put them on the trading block the following year. The sends a bad message for Devil Ray fans.

Id be keeping my young offensive studs around a couple more years if I was Tampa Bay. The odds of them all coming around at the same time are slim, especially in that stacked division, but consider this. In 3 to 4 years the Yankees staff is 3/4 retired, the Red Sox have 2 more big bang years left in them before they lose the likes of Manny, Schilling, and possibly others. The Blue Jays will continue to overpay and underperform. Granted all of those teams will spend big bucks to get the big free agents, but the well is gonna run dry in the trade front like it has started to for the Yankees. You can only deplete your farm system so much before you have nothing left to offer.

And with Crawford, Baldelli, Kazmir, Cantu, Gomes, Upton, Delmon Young, Hammel, Joel Guzman, Longoria, and Zorbist the Rays have one of the best(if not best...definitely one of the deepest) young foundations in MLB.

Either that or they just continue to function as a AAA kiddie pool for the rest of MLB along with the Royals and Pirates.

Its interesting to me that Royals fans seem more excited about Floyd Bannister's son than Rodrigo Lopez.

To be fair, the Royals probably have more fans in Wichita right now than they do in Kansas City.

Its pretty much Alex Gordon or bust there. Here's to hoping for their sake that the guy can walk on water...because nothing short of Jesus is gonna turn this team around anytime soon.

Devil Ray Boy: dude, the Rays haven't traded Baldelli yet. If they were going to deal him for a guy like Petit, they would have done so a long time ago.
And every player in the MLB can be had for the right price, not just the ones on the Rays.

I just find it refreshing to see a real Devil Ray fan. They've got a good thing brewing down there...too bad about the stadium...the team name...the fan support...etc.

Im glad to see someone passionate enough about a team thats not even 10 years old to get all worked up about a potential trade rumor on a message board.

I also own an authentic Rocco Baldelli jersey(its awesome...got it on ebay for 40 bucks)...so I really dont wanna see him traded.

Funny that D Rays fans still don't mention Jeff Niemann amongst their top prospects.

Neimann is my #1 rated young pitcher on the D Rays...includnig Kamzmir. (thinking long term people. I don't think Kazmir ever cracks 200 innings in consecutive seasons.)

No way Baldell is dealt for Petit.

I love Petit, but he wont cut it in the AL East.

Baldelli is an injury risk but he's a solid sleeper signed on the cheap.

That rumor is BS. Don't pay it any mind.

I can't believe I forgot to list Neimann when I rattled off names. Yet another reason why the D-Rays have no where to go but up.

If Kazmir isnt going to crack 200 then Niemann has less of a chance he is injured all of the time sadly. I like sonnastine myself for a solid future player.

Honestly I think that deal would be more like Pettit, Nolasco and something perhaps for Baldelli. Even as a marlins fan I cant see us getting away with that.

But reports down here in the herald were that we arent even talking to the Drays and havent all week yet.

The marlins are supposedly looking at Denorfia from Cincy for mitre or another alright pitcher.

I rather get BJ Upton then Baldelli, younger and cheaper after his horrible year and he has no place for TB for the future (not the infield 3 years 199 errors), and a 243 BA in the majors and 260s in AAA. He said today he wouldnt mind being a CF.

btw Zobrist is Not your future SS. That would be Brignac who is a complete stud. Future Miguel Tejada type player.

zobrist is a poor hitting, good defense place holder and future utility player for the Drays

Good call...Upton will be WAY better than Baldelli within 2 years.

Niemann has injury probs right now, but he's an enormous dude that has very few innings on his arm the past few years.

The difference to me is, I still have hope that Niemann can become a real MLB starter.

I don't have any hope for Kazmir.

Kazmir = AJ Burnett

"btw Zobrist is Not your future SS. That would be Brignac who is a complete stud. Future Miguel Tejada type player.

zobrist is a poor hitting, good defense place holder and future utility player for the Drays

Correct again.

I like this guy.

Where'd u come from dude?

I am a marlins fan dude. I have been here ages now.

I just try to pay attention to all teams and love good baseball. I am a huge rarity I guess, a marlins season ticket holder. I hear we are an endangered species because of loria and sampson.

But I do think Niemann has great potential too dude and I think Kazmir has it also. Kazmir and Hamels I think are very alike each other both good power lefties with injury problems.

I would love to be a Marlins fan in FLorida. It's like fucking heaven man, I'm seriuos...

I went to an EMTPY Expos game in Montreal once and had a BALL.

I showed up an hour before the game and got seats RIGHT BEHIND THE DUGOUT.

I was yelling stuff and even the LF could hear me becuz there was literally about 200 people at the game.

I got Vlad to tip his cap to me and watched Tony Armas pitch a gem.

It was like a MLB game in my back yard.

You can show up at the park 30 minutes bfore the game and get rock star seats to watch the best young team in the league.

I'd be there every day dude. I'd never watch a game on TV unless the Marlins were on the road.

I got Griffey to point at mt at a game before. It was durring a day game when the park was pretty much empty. D-train was on the mound and it was boiling hot. Willis had a perfect game through 6 at that point and he was walking back to the dugout. Myself and others were heckling him a bit about how Dtrain was unhittable. Next inning he crushed one to deep center.

I guess I shouldnt of heckled him. :(

But yeah the game is fun down here and all. Seriously though I think the attendence will keep going upinto the mid to high 20s again soon. It increased every year after the last firesale.

But, I do enjoy being able to get out of the parking lot after games and not be trapped like dolphin games.

It literally takes over an hour to get out of the parking lot at Shea.

My cousins have season tickets to Shea so I go to 15-20 games a year.
It has never taken me more than 10 minutes to get out of the parking lot.
Man would I love to be living in florida. Spring Training, no one at Marlins/D-Rays games so nice.
I'm am a Devil Rays fan surprisingly even though I'm a Yankee fan First.
I saw Kazmir pitch in the minors more than once and I was extremely impressed, I like him more than I like Jeter, thats something that should give an idea about how good I think hes going to be.

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