Non-tender Deadline Events

Several players are officially (or soon-to-be officially) free agents, including:

  • Joel Pineiro
  • Jon Knott
  • Victor Zambrano
  • Jason Bulger
  • Chin-Hui Tsao
  • Aaron Guiel
  • Alexis Gomez
  • Brandon Duckworth
  • Mike Wood
  • Toby Hall
  • Jayson Werth
  • Damon Hollins

That’s in addition to Marcus Giles and Chris Reitsma, who are discussed below.  Surely others will follow.  One interesting non-non-tender is Brandon Claussen, who was DFAd by the Reds.  I’m surprised they’re letting him go–he may never reach his potential, but he would’ve worked for close to the minimum in 2007.  And if one thing is abundantly clear, even below-average starting pitching is a very expensive commodity right now.

In other news, the Mets re-signed Dave Williams to a one-year deal, and the Padres brought in Jose Cruz, Jr.

By Jeff Sackmann, Brew Crew Ball

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