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Cubs Finally Sign Floyd

After weeks of being close, the Cubs have signed outfielder Cliff Floyd to a one-year deal with a mutual option for '08.  The AP has the terms.  It's $3MM guaranteed, with bonuses that can bring it to a maximum of $17.5MM over the next two seasons.   

The homecoming was a long time coming as Jim Hendry has had various ties to Floyd for many years. He hoped to acquire him for Sammy Sosa in '04.

Floyd will make a solid fourth outfielder for the Cubs.  His signing doesn't leave much room for uber-prospect Felix Pie, but Jacque Jones could still be traded.


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Please give us more info than a wire AP story. This site used to be awesome because you could get some extra info.

Can you speculate on the dollar value of the contract? Dont worry about it if your wrong, just let us know that it is your best guess. You know a lot about baseball and I think you could get it pretty close almost every time.

While your at it can you tell us what you think Jeff Weaver will sign for?

A lot of people are going to knock this signing, but I actually think its a good one, AS LONG AS they expect him to be a 4th outfielder, and not to be splitting time with Murton. Matt needs regular playing time and I doubt it will take long for him to prove why he is the starter, I think he does very well this year despite this signing. Lou likes Murton a lot, so I trust his judgement. Thats a great bat to have off the bench and spot starting.

Question for you Cubs fans - why all the dissing of Jacque Jones? he posted the 2nd best OPS of his career last year. is he not the player you thought the team signed? seems like you got the player and then some.
the J.J. bashing only makes if his contract is bad or if most of you were against his signing in the first place.

"the J.J. bashing only makes if his contract is bad or if most of you were against his signing in the first place."

My JJ bashing has nothing to do with his play. It's the fact that he is acting like a baby and whining about the fans not liking him. He acts like a b@#$%.

While I think that most of the following is cubs PR crap, its worth noting that in the recent mailbag at cubs.com carrie muskrat (the cubs beat reporter) said the following when asked "Is Jones truly disgruntled with the fans and the city? I know he took a lot of heat last year, but does he still want to be a Cub?"

Answer: "I'm not sure where the rumor started, but Jones is not disgruntled and does not want to be traded. And I'd take a left-handed hitter who can bat .285 and provide 25-plus homers and 80 RBIs. Jones was considered a good fit in Wrigley Field when he signed, and he still is."

Like I said, I think this is all public relations bullshit but I thought it was worth posting. You can find the rest of the mailbag here: http://chicago.cubs.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/news/article.jsp?ymd=20070121&content_id=1783672&vkey=news_chc&fext=.jsp&c_id=chc

I'm a little dissapointed in reading this article: http://chicago.cubs.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/news/article.jsp?ymd=20070124&content_id=1785486&vkey=news_chc&fext=.jsp&c_id=chc

It talks about platooning Floyd but it seems like Hendry wants to get him in the lineup more often than not. I really like this signing if he is a 4th OF but I certainly don't want him taking playing time from Murton and taking playing time from jones doesn't make sense because the reason of getting floyd was because he was a lefty. If it's like an 80/20 split for murton/floyd I think that would be ok but 50/50 is insane.

Cliff, may you and The Big Murt have a (healthy) great year. Two outfielders I wish were playing for the Mets.

i really do think this was a decent signing but i do agree with all of you that murton should not be sat due to floyd coming to chicago. murton proved he can hit in the second half after a streaky first half. the guy was hitting double after double and i really do like his upside but having floyd on our team really does make us that much better. the guy can hit still and WILL. good job hendry.

Andreross1 - Jacque Jones is a prime example of why you should NEVER, EVER judge a player by his stats unless there are some new measurements that depict missed cut-off men, # of worm-burners, frequency of cluelessness on the basepaths, etc.

When all was said and done, Jacque did so many baaaad things that it's impossible to appreciate the numbers he had.

very true Jutter!! i cant remember how many times the guy couldnt even get the damn ball back in the infield cleanly. hes fast and all and gets to alot more balls then burnits did the year before but how many times did you see him pull back for a monster throw and then have the ball bounce off the floor 10 feet in front of him!

Initially I was not really too keen on this signing but its low risk moneywise and a nice safety net if Murton starts really slow or if we lose an OF to injury. Even hobbled Floyds bat is a bit scarier to opposing pitcher than Pagans. Seems like he will be our Bernie Williams.

"NEVER, EVER judge a player by his stats unless there are some new measurements that depict missed cut-off men, # of worm-burners, frequency of cluelessness on the basepaths, etc."

Hilarious, but very true!

Jones' throwing problems were caused, at least in part, by a shoulder injury.

If Cliff was signed to be a 4th OF then this is another horrible signing. Why would you sign a guy to a contract where he can possbily make 18 mil and have him come off the bench. I dont know about what he did early in his career, but as a met Cliff was pretty awful coming off the bench. He is a much better hitter then Jacque Jones and his presence alone in that lineup would solidify it. If I have am facing ARam, and have Floyd on deck,
Im not going to pitch around anyone to get to Cliff. He still is one of the more dangerous left handed bats in the NL, and can turn on balls like no other.

Silly signing. I really want to see what the escalation clauses are. Is he gonna cry if he isn't given an opportunity to achieve them?

If he was such a great bat why didn't the Pirates sign him? They needed a power left bat, and traded Gonzalez for one. They could have had Floyd and kept a key part of their pen. So.. why? Its not like they have a glut of outfielders. I know that Adam is a much better fielder than Xavier.. just strikes me as curious

good point buddha why didnt the pirates sign him? maybe he made it clear that he really wanted to play for the cubs and only the cubs since hendry made it clear he wanted him. the fact of it all is we all dont know shit about what happens behind the big picture or headline, all we can do is guess and debate the reasons. floyd probably was confronted by teams about signing but hes made it very clear on how hes wanted to come play for chicago and so far hes said he understands its about the team and being a 4th outfielder. who knows what happens behind it all. i think that he'll end up starting alot more then you murton fans would like. but man if he can stay healthy we would have a great lineup, not the fastest but still a great lineup

I'm still not sure about this signing. I like getting another left-handed bat, but we still are *planning* on playing Soriano in center? I'm very leary about that, especially since he just started in the OF last year. Hopefully he'll prove me wrong, but this team is far from what I consider ready to challenge for a post-season birth.

But the key reason I like this trade? The Cubs had to eat $3M to release Rusch so they could free up a roster spot for Floyd. That's enough of a reason for me.

Arbopp, there were no trades involved in getting floyd here. im sure you meant that though. yeah sori in center is a question mark but he did well in left last year and he has the speed so i think he will get it done. and thank god rusch is gone, that guy killed me with that bullshit ass flat fastball, slider whatever they all looked the same!!!!!!11

I have a question about what this does to the lineup when he is starting. Do they put Floyd or Jones between Lee and Ramirez so its R L R L??? Because it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me to bat Lee, Ramirez, Floyd, then Jones. Maybe if you stick Barrett between Floyd and Jones I guess.

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