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Erstad Options

According to Ken Rosenthal, free agent center fielder Darin Erstad is expected to choose a team this week.  The 32 year-old has a slight chance at signing with the Angels or Cubs, but is more likely to choose between the Marlins or White Sox.

It appears that Florida is Erstad's best shot at regular playing time, given that his competition is Alex Sanchez.  With Chicago Erstad would split time with Brian Anderson and perhaps Ryan Sweeney.

Rosenthal reports that the Cubs hope to acquire a young, cheap CF to hold the fort until Felix Pie is ready.  This comes despite the recent proclamation that Alfonso Soriano would play center. Pie has an interesting PECOTA projection - Baseball Prospectus forecasts a .289/.342/.481 line from him as a 22 year-old in the Majors.


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Erstad would be a classy addition for the young Marlins, and could prove to be a crucial signing that may put them in the hunt for the playoffs (wild card??). However, with Erstad's age and injury problems, he may be better suited outside sunny NL Florida, with the DH spot

I like Soriano in centre for the Cubs. I have a feeling he'd be good there.

"However, with Erstad's age and injury problems, he may be better suited outside sunny NL Florida, with the DH spot"

Considering that Erstad has posted an OPS+ that has even been remotely close to 100, just one time, since 2000, he may be better suited to a DH role, but no American League team in their right mind would be well suited by even considering him for that.

Maybe, all things considered, he would do well playing some Carribean ball this year. I hear that Jose Valentin bought the Crabbers recently.

I'd take a line of .289/.342/.481 anyday.

Not my first choice for CF for the fish but he could be a stop-gap for a year's time

Erstad would help the marlins out, but heck, i would not mind the braves throwing three mill out to sign him

I'd take a line of .289/.342/.481 anyday.....you'd have to take a player other than Erstad then, he hasn't Slugged over .400 in 6 years and his On base % is similarily putrid, take away his 2000 season and he'd be out of baseball by now. I wish the Braves would waste $3 mil of their so called limited budget on a hitter as bad as Erstad.

Wow, .289? A better line than Iowa last year? Perhaps, but I'd be thinking more along the lines of .265, which isn't bad by any means either.

whoo its been a long time since i last left a comment. i havent been really been paying attention to baseball news or in other words i couldn't. my home computer crashed and it seems that if u owe a book at the public library they dont let u online. i have know wat has happened in ht e past 2 weeks or so so if someone could refresh me, that would be just dandy.

as for Erstad to the Marlins, he would provide vetern leadership, playoff expirience, and a suitable stopgap for someone else in the minors(Sanchez, Aguila etc). i hope top god the Braves dont waste any money on him though on an already limited budget.

Why don't the Cubs just trade Jacque Jones to free agency for Erstad?

I'm willing to bet he's on the White Sox by Thursday, if not sooner.

He is not going to go to the Angels because all he would be there is a backup. I think he would start for the Marlins i don't know for sure. There is still a outfield position open for the Cubs maybe they will back out on Floyd but that's doubtful. and he would play alot for the whitesox. I think he will either sign with the Cubs, Marlins, or Whitesox. The Angels are out of the running i think.

I dont think it is in any teams best interest to sign erstad to be and outfielder at this point in his career. Especially in the cavernous dolphin stadium. If thorman is not ready for the bigs then it might be an ok idea for the braves to sign darin to a 1 year deal, but from what ive heard from the braves fans, thorman should be ready to step in for 07

670 The Score reported Erstad to the White Sox is a done deal, pending physical.

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