Red Sox Discussing Helton Trade

UPDATE: Tracy Ringolsby says the Rox would absorb more than half of Helton’s contract, if they get the players they want.  Helton would also consider trades to Atlanta or St. Louis, but those teams aren’t interested.  Boston has proposed the inclusion of Mike Lowell and former Rockie Julian Tavarez.

Also, Colorado’s CEO acknowledged the talks that will continue into next week.  He also called Helton’s contract fair, so it’s hard to take his words at face value.

Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post has the scoop: the Red Sox are discussing a Todd Helton trade with the Rockies.  Helton has said in the past that he’d consider waiving his no-trade to play in Boston; he’s aware of the current negotiations.

Renck reports that the Rockies like Manny Delcarmen and Craig Hansen and are willing to eat some salary.  Meanwhile, Buster Olney mentions that talks began last fall between the two clubs.  Olney speculates that the Red Sox might need Matt Clement included.  He also feels that Kevin Youkilis and/or Mike Lowell might be part of such a deal.  However, third base is well-blocked in Colorado.

Ken Rosenthal chimes in, mentioning that money is the main holdup in a deal.  The Rockies would receive Hansen, and hope to get Jacoby Ellsbury too.  A couple of sources told Rosenthal that Lowell is not in the deal.

As I mentioned before, Helton is probably worth half of his remaining five year, $90MM contract at best.  I would imagine the Rockies would have to throw down $20MM at least.

If the Red Sox could somehow keep Youkilis while adding Helton and Drew, their offense would become an unstoppable wall of OBP not unlike the Yankees.

Over at RotoAuthority, I have a look at Helton’s possible replacement in Colorado.

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