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Braves Sign McCann For Six Years

In a first for the Braves, they've signed a pre-arbitration player to a long-term deal.  Brian McCann signed a six year, $27.8MM deal today.  There's an additional $2MM in incentives.  In comparison, Joe Mauer recently signed a four-year, $33MM deal.

McCann's contract is a record for a player with less than two years of service time.  It represents a change in Braves' philosophy, and they've talked to Jeff Francoeur's agent as well.

McCann will be a Brave through 2012, with a $12MM club option for 2013.  McCann requested the '13 option for $12MM be the Braves' decision, in case his performance is not up to par at that point.  If my math is correct, the deal buys out one year of free agency.  But I wasn't told there would be math.

Ranked by OPS, McCann's 2006 season was the best ever for a catcher at age 23 or younger.  Among the great under-25 catcher seasons, only Rudy York's 1938 was better.

I'm not sure where this leaves Jarrod Saltalamacchia.  Maybe as the team's best trade bait, if he bounces back this year. 


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Fan-frickin-tastic. I heard a rumor that this was in the works from the Braves beat writer's blog, but it was vague and I never expected it to come so soon. Very good move for the Braves, especially if it includes that option for another year that the link mentions.

sounds like a helluva good deal for the braves.

Oh, and Salty's the same place he's been since about mid-season last year: either trade bait or a 1B (though I would say the former is most likely).

Eh I ah Maybe Yea it seems like a good deal no doubt, but i would have waited till after 07 at least. You would have more knowledge that mccann will produce at the his 06 level on a regular basis, and you may have gotten to be able to sign him two years into free agency, although probably not. I just am not a huge fan of going off 1 year of great production from young players, 2 0r 3 years is what i need to see to be convinced. And dont get me wrong, mccann is one of my favorites and i feel he is the best catcher in the game, but just want to be cautious given how young he is.

09:$3.5M, 10:$5.5M, 11:$6.5M, 12:$8.5M, 13:$12M club option

Seems to me that McCann could've made WAAAAAAAAAAY more in arbitration...as a Super Two player, I would think that he could get 10MM+ at least for '12, not to mention '09-'11.


McCann wasnt concerned about breaking the bank, thus why he had the last year changed to a team option in case he isnt worth the money at that point. He got enough to ensure he will be a rich man for the rest of his life and should he fall tommorow and never be able to paly baseball again he nor his family would ever have to work again. No one needs 17 mill a year for 8 years to have financial security.

Salty will probably convert to 1B, I dont think it would take too long for him to learn 1B so they might as well leave him at catcher for now. That keeps his trade value high and it allows him to still develop defensivly, even if McCann is catching they give McCann atleast once a week off so Salty could still catch once a week in the majors. It might depend on who is available for trade and how well Thorman does this year at 1B.

An awesome move by the Braves to give McCann that type of deal. I think he will have another solid season, and with him still being young, I truly believe he will only get better, especially with his defense. As for Salty, if he has a good season at AA Mississippi, I expect Atlanta to trade him. I really hope the Braves can lock up Francoeur like they did with McCann. Braves fans need to realize there is no way the team can keep Andruw Jones after this season. He's gone. In 2008, we could see a starting Braves outfield of Kelly Johnson in LF, Francoeur in CF, & Langerhans in RF. I say KJ in LF because Atlanta has too many infield prospects. I think we will see either Yunel Escobar, Elvis Andrus, or Brent Lillibridge playing 2B for the Braves in 08, whether KJ succeeds this season at the position or not. Who knows where Smoltz will end up. If he does have a Cy Young type season, no way Atlanta can afford to keep him. Smoltz could pitch another 2-3 years. I see teams like the Dodgers, Angels, Indians, Yankees throwing a lot of $$$ his way.

I think the Andruw Jones situation will greatly determine Salty's future status. If he looks like he'll be back, Salty will probably stay as a catcher and be traded, as he has more value at catcher. But, as Andruw looks more and more like he'll be playing somewhere else, Salty might be either shipped in a trade for his replacement or move to first base to replace Jones's production.

Salty is no where near good enough to replace Jones's Production. He is good but hes not a super star as jones is.

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