Could Giants Hold Fire Sale?

Dave Del Grande of the Oakland Tribune hopes the Giants are out of the playoff chase by July.  His plan: fire Brian Sabean, then trade Barry Bonds, Ray Durham, and Matt Morris.  He’d like to hold the Bonds auction post-record – the best of both worlds for the Giants.

Here’s the thing about the Giants playing for 2010 – they’re stuck with a massive Barry Zito contract, and he’ll be earning $18-20MM a season for mediocre pitching at that point.  Despite being a seven-year deal, it’s backloaded so the team can make one last run.  Zito earns just $10MM this year, and the Giants have to take advantage.

They’re also tied down to Dave Roberts, Bengie Molina, and Randy Winn through 2009.  Rich Aurilia is theirs through 2008.  Could a new GM really unload every single contract?  There are some really bad ones in here.

It might make more sense for the Giants to go all-out and make one last push this summer if they’re anywhere close.  This has definitely been Sabean’s m.o. – his July acquisitions have included Jason Schmidt, Kenny Lofton, Sidney Ponson (he was good once, kids), and Randy Winn.  All of those moves were designed to provide short-term boosts.  Tim Lincecum will be a shot in the arm as well.   

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