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Craig Wilson Clears Waivers

According to Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1B/LF Craig Wilson has cleared waivers and become a free agent.  The 30 year-old can be had for the Major League minimum.  Some have speculated he might return to Pittsburgh, but so far the team hasn't contacted Wilson's agent.

The Orioles had interest in Wilson last winter, though the Aubrey Huff signing probably quashed that.  I could see the Padres getting involved, as they have expressed interest in the past.

Baseball Prospectus projected a mildly useful .256/.339/.476 from Wilson for 2007, but he was awful for the Braves at .172/.304/.259 in 58 ABs.  Based on his BP comparables, Wilson can go in one of two directions to finish out his career: Pete Incaviglia or Glenallen Hill.  Hill at least built a nice post-30 career as a 250-350 AB guy with good pop.  I'll never forget some of the home runs Hill hit at Wrigley...click here to read some amusing trivia on him.


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Braves release Mark Redman? Thought I heard that on the radio but could have just misunderstood.

RotoWorld is reporting it too.

Glad to see the Braves aren't hanging onto these guys. Sure, they might be able to work through their slumps and become average players but the Braves are a WS contender and don't have time for average veterans to hold them down.

Watch out for their next move, I'm thinking they'll be trading for a SP very soon. Clay Hensley would make alot of sense. If the Padres packaged him with Chase Headley, maybe they could snag Salty.

Yea, I am glad that we got rid of both of wilson and redman. Bias, the braves are not going to use salty to get hensley and headley. There is a good possibility we could get a younger and much better starting pitcher for Salty, or we could just keep him and let him contribute for the rest of the year. If we lose andruw, salty could take up some of the offensive production.

Wishful thinking...

I'm not sure anyone will pick up Wilson. Not only wasn't he getting hits but hit or out I only say maybe two balls that were well hit come off his bat the entire tenure he had.

Was, make sure the jibberish filter button is turned off before you make another post.

I missed one letter, boo hoo if you had to substitute say for saw.

Can wilson play 3rd base? If so I could see him being on the Jays radar if they do plan on possibly moving Glaus.

Kind of suprized I havent seen another story on Glaus recently I've read several stories about his possible availability and the Dodgers and Angels as most likely suiters.

Could Giambi to the Angels be some sort of a smoke Screen to try and get who they want cheaper ie Glaus or Rolen someone like that. I can't see them wanting him as they already have Hillenbrand and Anderson as DH's.
3rd base is clearly the place they need to upgrade.

I bet that Matt Stairs could play 3B for the Jays in a pinch. Even though he hasn't played the position since 1991. Pride of Stanley N.B right there.

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