Rosenthal’s Latest – Buehrle To Brewers?

Ken Rosenthal has a new article, and as usual he’s broken several brand new trade rumors.  A brief summary:

  • Here’s a good one: the Brewers have "kicked the tires" on Mark Buehrle.  You can never have too much pitching, I guess.  It’s a long shot that Doug Melvin could pull it off without involving Yovani Gallardo or Ryan Braun, and he won’t trade those two.  Without either player, the Brewers would pretty much be offering quantity over quality in terms of prospects. My own speculation: Corey Hart might intrigue Kenny Williams, but he’d be hard to part with.
  • Rosenthal estimates ten teams are looking at Buehrle.  He names the Mets, Braves, Mariners, and Cardinals.  Add the Brewers and we’re still five short.  The five Rosenthal doesn’t mention could include the Red Sox, Yankees, Marlins, Rockies, Dodgers, and Phillies.  Just guessing on the last five.
  • The Blue Jays have changed their tune on Troy Glaus – they’ll now listen to offers for him.  It is believed Glaus might waive his no-trade clause to play close to home for the Padres, Angels, or Dodgers.  Glaus is owed about $5.9MM more this year and $12.75MM in 2008.  He also negotiated an $11.25MM player option for ’09 when he was traded to Toronto.  Perhaps to agree to a trade he’d want his deal extended through ’09 for $13MM or so.  Rosenthal says the package for Glaus would likely involve a young third baseman, like Chase Headley, Brandon Wood, or Andy LaRoche.  Such a deal would be hard to ignore for J.P. Ricciardi.  Of the three teams mentioned, Ricciardi has only previously dealt with Bill Stoneman (on the Brad Fullmer trade).
  • Rosenthal says the Cubs are not involved in a trade for Ken Griffey Jr.  The ownership change will prohibit them from taking on his contract.  Rosenthal also mentions that the Cubs are having difficulties finding a taker for Jacque Jones.
  • The Angels still like Adam Dunn, though I still don’t see how he fits into their roster.
  • The prospect going to the Tigers for Mike Maroth won’t be anything special; the point was to unload his $3MM salary. 

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