Rosenthal On Teixeira, Dunn

I neglected to mention a Ken Rosenthal article from yesterday, chock full of rumory goodness as always.

  • Rosenthal believes the Yankees need a backup plan in case they are not able to retain Alex RodriguezWilson Betemit definitely makes sense in that he’d be useful even if they do keep A-Rod.  Rosenthal basically names every third baseman you can think of.  The most likely option, to me, is to simply sign Mike Lowell as a free agent.  Would he switch sides?  Perhaps, if the Red Sox don’t make an offer or try to lowball him.
  • The Braves apparently won’t give up Yunel Escobar or Jarrod Saltalamacchia to get Mark Teixeira.  Neither of ’em.  No doubt John Schuerholz will spend the next ten days trying to get Jon Daniels to settle for less.
  • The Reds have a "co-Dunn-drum," as Rosenthal puts it.  Now that’s good stuff.  The basic codunndrum here is that no team that can afford Adam Dunn wants him.  Rosenthal likes the Tigers as a dark horse.  I know Dunn isn’t much with the glove, but I’m surprised the market isn’t stronger for him right now.
  • Dan Wheeler is more likely than Chad Qualls to be moved, because he’s closer to free agency (after 2008).
  • Rosenthal believes the Royals could not even acquire a Tony Abreu from the Dodgers for Octavio Dotel.  Previously it had been said that the Dayton Moore was asking for Matt Kemp or James Loney.  And Duke Snider plus Sandy Koufax.
  • Bronson Arroyo does not appear to be available.  Jose Contreras or Matt Morris: which is the lesser of two evils?

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