White Sox Sign Mike Myers

The White Sox signed 38 year-old lefty specialist Mike Myers on Sunday.  The signing is clearly focused on 2008, as Kenny Williams tacked on a $1.1MM club option for 2008.

Myers contends that he’s been done in by southpaws hitting singles off him.  The numbers bear that out, as he’s allowed 24 hits but just one home run in 18 innings against lefties.  He whiffed 18 in those 18 innings, so there is hope that the veteran can live on.

The Sox have Mike MacDougal ($1.95MM) and Matt Thornton ($0.875MM) under contract for the bullpen in 2008.  And of course Bobby Jenks and all kinds of rookies remain under the team’s control.  I actually thought the team’s bullpen would be a strength heading into this season.

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