Twins Might Offer Torii A Fourth Year

Was Torii Hunter‘s farewell premature?  La Velle E. Neal III of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that while the center fielder rejected the Twins’ modest 3/45 offer a few weeks back, the team might be willing to tack on a fourth year. 

For a while now we’ve been hearing that Hunter’s bare minimum is a five-year, $75MM contract.  To jump from three years to five might be impossible for the Twins.  And how sure are we that Hunter would even take that offer?

I agree with Aaron Gleeman on this one: while I might do the same in his shoes, it remains true that Hunter will probably leave the Twins over money.  I’m not one to declare that Hunter should leave $30MM on the table.  But if he really loves the organization and fans, 4/60 would still set up several generations of Hunters for life.

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