Latest Silva, Hunter Rumors

Aaron Gleeman and La Velle E. Neal III have combined for some good Twins rumorage in recent days.  Let’s catch up.

Neal had an interesting post yesterday with plenty of Twins hot stove banter.  The Twins have talked to Torii Hunter‘s agent since he rejected their 3/45 offer, but have yet to tender a better offer.  The club is also talking to Carlos Silva‘s agent as they’d like to retain him.  Neal feels that both players will at least test the open market.

Hunter has seemingly been connected to half the teams in baseball; you can see all posts involving him here.  Today Gleeman added another club to the mix: the Reds.  Gleeman’s source talks to Dusty Baker, who has suggested the Reds might be interested.  That’d create a definite outfielder surplus in Cincy.

Gleeman also weighed in on Silva’s asking price, which he expects to be in the $40MM range (I imagine over four years).  I agree…it’s a bleak market when Silva is one of the best available, but that’s just how it is this year. 

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