More on Jason Bay to the Twins

Yesterday, Joe Nathan said his re-signing was contingent on the Twins remaining competitive.  Today, Jake at Bucco Blog discusses a rumor to that fact:  The Twins’ interest in Jason Bay is real and hinges on whether or not they retain Torii Hunter.

Tim breaks it down here.  Hunter wants 5/75.  The Twins are offering 3/45.  If the they are serious about retaining him and Hunter in fact wants to stay then that discrepancy doesn’t seem insurmountable.  However, if Hunter leaves…

Jason Bay had a down year (.248/.328/.420) and yet almost certain to be dealt by new Pirates GM Neil Huntington this winter.  Shipping Bay is a launch pad for restructuring the Pirates’ system.  Tim notes the viability of a Bay for Matt Garza deal.  He’s signed for a mere $5.75MM in ’08 and an only slightly less mere $7.5MM in ’09, so the Twins would have no financial qualms if Hunter walks.

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