Latest Alex Rodriguez Rumors

Ah, your daily dose of Alex Rodriguez rumors.  What would you do without it?

  • Rob Bradford asked Red Sox captain Jason Varitek whether Alex Rodriguez would fit in with the Red Sox clubhouse.  Varitek, you may recall, had a little face-shoving scuffle with A-Rod back in 2004.  Varitek said he had no idea whether Rodriguez would fit in with the current team, but that he knows Mike Lowell does.  It’s pretty obvious where Varitek’s allegiance lies given the "Re-sign Lowell" sign and all.
  • Gwen Knapp doesn’t see the Dodgers getting A-Rod for a couple of reasons.  First, of course, there’s the price.  Second, there’s a possibly shaky relationship with Scott Boras given last year’s unexpected opt-out by J.D. Drew.
  • Mark Feinsand disagrees – his L.A. source says the Dodgers will make a push for him.  The expected hiring of Joe Torre will basically be a non-factor in Rodriguez’s decision.  Plan B for the Dodgers might be to sign Torii Hunter or Andruw Jones.  That leaves Juan Pierre in left field or traded.  Hey, it was a dumb signing at the time.
  • Feinsand also has a source indicating that Rodriguez is hoping the Yankees will entertain the possibility of bringing him back.  The Yankees, of course, are scarred by the Texas money lost and have pledged repeatedly that they will not be involved.  We’ve seen this a million times – teams love fresh faces.  Say A-Rod had played out his Texas contract to this point – do you think the Yankees would be in the mix for him then?  If the Yankees don’t want A-Rod because he’s simply too expensive, that’s reasonable.  But if they simply feel scorned by the opt-out, that’s emotion.
  • Omar Minaya said on a conference call yesterday that he planned on discussing the team’s interest in A-Rod with David Wright, since Wright would have to move to second base to accomodate him.
  • A new team is going after A-Rod aggressively.

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