Rockies Rumors: Helton, Holliday, Matsui

Troy E. Renck is at it again, with another column updating us on the Rockies’ hot stove situation.

  • Todd Helton isn’t going anywhere, for multiple reasons.  His current $16.6MM salary is less frightening due to playoff revenue, and he’d be unlikely to approve a trade since his current team is already a winner.
  • As Renck reported earlier this week, the Rox will offer Matt Holliday a four-year, $60MM deal to buy out two years of free agency.  Holliday, a Scott Boras client, seems unlikely to accept anything like that.
  • Why would the Cubs be willing to overpay for Kaz Matsui with a three-year deal?  Surely the Cubs know Matsui has hit .256/.305/.370 away from Coors since joining the Rockies?  I don’t buy the speed angle – promote Eric Patterson, then.  I don’t buy the "make Fukudome comfortable angle" – sign a Japanese reliever, then.  The Rockies are fine moving on from Matsui and Yorvit Torrealba if their offers are beat.
  • Renck says Michael Barrett has drawn interest from six clubs so far, the Rockies one of them perhaps.  The Marlins could be another.
  • The Phillies won’t be going after Brian Fuentes now that they have Brad Lidge, but they weren’t pursuing him before Lidge anyway.  After the dust settles on Francisco Cordero and Mariano Rivera, the Tigers, Red Sox, Mets, and Yankees are expected to look at Fuentes.  The Rockies’ demand is aggressive for one year of the closer – a #3 starter and a decent reliever.
  • Matt Herges will look for a two-year deal; otherwise he’ll accept the Rockies one-year offer.
  • Javy Lopez is attempting a comeback!

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