Scott Rolen Is Available

Cardinals GM John Mozeliak confirmed this morning that third baseman Scott Rolen is indeed available in trade.  The topic definitely came up at the GM meetings.  It seems that Rolen and Tony La Russa just can’t get along.

Rolen would be up for waiving his no-trade clause for a competitive team.  He’s owed $36MM over three years, probably a touch more than he could get on the open market right now.  But not terribly different.  Joe Strauss’s article says the Cardinals are reluctant to eat salary and want full value in return.

Who needs a third baseman?  The Red Sox, Yankees, Indians, Tigers, Twins, Angels, and Dodgers could conceivably trade for Rolen.  The Brewers and Phillies might have the need but those clubs don’t seem likely.  The Cards and Twins may have already had low-level talks about Rolen.

If the Cards create a need at third base, they might have to fill it by signing a Mike Lamb type.  I can’t see how they could acquire an MLB-ready third baseman for Rolen.  That wouldn’t make sense for the other team. 

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