Brewers Rolen Talks Cool

UPDATE, 12-4-07 at 4:18pm: Haudricourt says the Brewers-Rolen deal croaked over something, but not the intra-division part.  Didn’t make sense in the first place.  Also, Doug Melvin expressed his disinterest in Pedro Feliz.

FROM 12-4-07 at 2:45pm:

You don’t need Insider to read this one.  ESPN’s Jayson Stark says the Brewers talks with the Cards about Scott Rolen have cooled.  The Cards are hesitant about trading Rolen within the division.  It’s weird because it’s not like that’s a new development, the intra-division factor.

The Brewers had already worked who was paying what and agreed to send Chris Capuano and a "top prospect" over.  Stark’s source says that most likely, the deal won’t happen. 

The Giants and Dodgers are in on Rolen, however.

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