Nationals Sign Lo Duca

UPDATE, 12-10-07 at 10:11pm: The Nationals paid a fairly hefty $5MM for Lo Duca. This is for a backstop who hit .272/.311/.378 while throwing out a below-average 23.4% of basestealers in 2007.  He’d better call a good game.

FROM 12-10-07 at 1:59pm:

According to Barry Svrluga of the Washington Post, the Nationals have signed Paul Lo Duca to a one-year deal.  He apparently wanted $5MM; I imagine he got a bit less than that.  Four days ago Joel Sherman said the Blue Jays were putting the "finishing touches" on a one-year, $3MM deal with Lo Duca.

My reaction: eh.  I’m not sure what Lo Duca adds to the 2008 Nationals that they couldn’t get elsewhere for less money.  I guess they could hope he has a big first half and then try to flip him for a prospect.  Mets fans: is Lo Duca good at naturing young pitchers?  That could be one decent reason to sign him.

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