Brewers, Yankees Interested In Mike Cameron

UPDATE, 1-10-08 at 11:58pm: Ken Rosenthal checks in, adding that the Cubs and Twins are on the fringes for Cameron.  However he expects Cameron to end up with the Yankees or Brewers, before anything is determined with Johan Santana.  The Yanks could always just keep Melky Cabrera or spin him off for prospects.  The Braves and Pirates have expressed interest in him in the past.

UPDATE, 1-10-08 at 9:04pm: Haudricourt says the Yankees’ are the Brewers’ main competition for Cameron, in the event they trade Melky Cabrera.  It’s known that A-Rod has been "privately endorsing" him. 

UPDATE, 1-10-08 at 10:23am: Haudricourt adds that the Brewers could be considering trading Hall, rather than changing his position again.  He says the fact that Doug Melvin didn’t return his calls may indicate something is going on.

FROM 1-09-08 at 9:20pm:

Both Ken Rosenthal and Tom Haudricourt are saying this evening that the Brewers are interested in free agent center fielder Mike Cameron.

Haudricourt is surprised, since the Brewers were supposedly targeting a left-handed hitting left fielder like Kenny Lofton or Luis Gonzalez.  Instead, they could shift Bill Hall to third base and Ryan Braun to left to make room for Cameron.

Rosenthal calls it "serious interest," but notes that moving Hall again might be a "delicate situation."  I’m sure Hall would understand if the signing made the team better.  Rosenthal says Cameron is drawing interest from at least two other clubs, which could include the Reds.

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