Where Will Teixeira Sign?

In today’s Baltimore Sun, Dan Connolly hashes out the oft-rumored idea of the Orioles signing hometown boy Mark Teixeira after this season.  He opines:

If Peter Angelos sets a club salary record, it would be for Teixeira.

Connolly also notes the team’s repaired relations with Scott Boras and the agent’s occasional tendency to push clients to bad teams to maximize paydays.  For his part, Teixeira’s not saying much.  There’s plenty of reason to stay in Atlanta if they offer something competitive.

If Teixeira has a huge 40 HR, 120 RBI year, he’d seemingly be in line for at least Connolly’s predicted six years, $120MM.  In my mind, the legitimate possible suitors are the Orioles, Braves, Red Sox, Yankees, Royals, Mariners, Mets, and Giants.  You could throw the Los Angeles teams into the mix, though they have solid young first basemen.

Your turn: which of the above-mentioned teams will Teixeira sign for, if any?  Take the survey here; view the results here.

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