Will Clemens Play In ’08?

The tolerance for Roger Clemens‘ annual "will he, won’t he" saga will be much lower this year in the wake of the steroid mess.  But the fact remains that we still don’t know whether he’ll try to play.   

Buster Olney devotes a portion of today’s blog to this question.  He thinks it’s in Clemens’ nature to defiantly keep pitching.  Olney says Clemens’ friends indicate he’d only pitch for Houston.  Olney speculates that the Cardinals might be one other club that would consider it. He could certainly help either team if he came with a price tag below $10MM.

In case you were wondering, Baseball Prospectus’ PECOTA system sees the Rocket posting a 4.43 ERA in 107 innings this year (in the AL East it seems).  Somewhat related fact: Clemens appears in Joba Chamberlain‘s comparables list.

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