Sunday Afternoon Shift

This is Matt Birt checking in for the afternoon shift.  I’ll be with you every Sunday from 1 to 5pm CST.  I’m looking forward to my expanded role here, and I hope that I’m able to serve this community well.

I’ll follow Nat’s lead and give you a little background information on myself.  I’m currently a high school English teacher in Ohio, hoping to enter a university in the fall to study English Literature.  The ultimate goal is the Ph.D., but I’ll settle for admission to a university for the time being.  Besides literature, I have a strong interest in creative writing, philosophy, and guitar.  I am impatiently awaiting the inaugural season of the MLB Channel, as an entire off-season without Baseball Tonight is too much to bear.

Like Nat, I’ll be in front of my computer the rest of the afternoon, so hang tight and hopefully something of extreme interest comes down the pike.  Please do not hesitate to email me with anything you find relevant or interesting.

By Matt Birt

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