Kubel Wants Long Term Deal

In the wake of many other young talents having their arbitration years bought out, Jason Kubel is hoping for a long-term deal of his own.  Phil Miller of the Pioneer Press notes that Twins Assistant GM Rob Antony is open to it but not about to make any concessions.  Antony points out,

"It’s tough to do a multiyear for guys who haven’t, for whatever reason, established a level of production. How do you go to ownership saying only, ‘Our scouting reports say this?’ Now you’re paying for future years based on projections, and that gets a little dangerous."

Kubel was a top hitting prospect with the Twins and had a terrific second half last year; however, his knees have been a cause for concern and limited his playing time and breakout potential.  Evan Longoria got a deal after 6 games, so with the recent rash of young talent signings, Kubel has every right to ask for this; however, it seems the Twins will wisely take a conservative approach to Kubel this year.

By Nat Boyle

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